Opinions please...What SGH COMBO...

  1. Hi ladies, I need your opinions to make my SGH decision. I love GH, but currently only have GGH. SGH is beautiful and I feel like it is a must have in my collection. The dilema is that I wear neutrals SO much more than black, but most of the great SGH combos are on darker bags like the steel and black. Also, I am not really big into loud colors although they are beautiful they just don't work with my closet (my favorite colors are Cognac and Sandstone). Which SGH (probably in PT or City) should I get to compliment all the neutrals in my wardrobe. I am not opposed to getting a somewhat bright color but not as bright as violet or juane. I like the natural w/ SGH but am afraid that I would get it dirty...any advice would be greatly appreciated!!
  2. Steel and Vert fonce are dark neutrals that look great with SGH. If you're ruling out grape and jaune, that leaves Ocean as a non-bright color (not super bright) possibility that looks great with SGH. A lot of people like Sienna with it, although for me it comes more alive with GGH. If you'd ever do a red bag, for contrast with all your neutrals, Tomato does look great with the silver hardware.
  3. I agree 100% with rollergirl.
  4. Thanks for your opinions, I think the steel ar tomato would probably be the best bet, but I already have those with RH. I think that it will be between the VF and Ocean. I could always wait until the spring colors come out (but that will never happen!!)
  5. Oh Get The Ivory It4s Gorgeous With Sgh And A Great Winrerwhite; I Saw It The Other Day In The Work Style And Thought It Was Breathtaking And Really Not Blinggy
  6. Sorry for the typo forgot to switch...
  7. What about Pine? :smile:
  8. Waiting til Spring might be a good option then. My SA told me the other day that in the next week or so they should have info about the Spring colors. Of course they won't be arriving til Dec/Jan but maybe it's worth waiting to get SGH on a color that will go with your wardrobe, not be too dark or bright, and you will love!
  9. "A" I say VF with SGH ALL the way! Just look at Crackers...:drool::drool::drool:! I think you would LOVE it!
  10. Thanks ladies, VF is beautiful, I think I might really like the Sahara this spring too. I will be sure to post if I add a SGH to my collection...thanks for all the great advice!
  11. pine!
  12. Pine over VF, are you serious? Or are you secretly lusting after my emerald?
  13. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just know that you LOVE sapin.....
  14. imo browns go nicely with SGH. eg: cafe, vert fonce, mogano. if they're avail with GH, that is.
  15. I saw an ivory with sgh too and almost bought it because it was GORGEOUS!!! Really, really beautiful. I have 4 kids. 4 kids and ivory no bueno!!! ivory ivory ivory.