Opinions Please.. Veneta or Cocker??

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I shouldn't be purchasing another handbag, but I can't decide between a black medium veneta or a black cocker? I already have an ebano veneta, so not sure if I should get another veneta. I love the veneta, but should I add another style to my collection?? Any thoughts would help!! Thank you!!
  2. Personally, I don't think anyone can have too many venetas. What size is your ebano veneta? The meduim veneta fits closer under the arm than the large veneta. I do like the cocker, but it can also be a tight fit under the arm. If you can, I recommend trying them both before making your decision.
  3. I vote for the black medium veneta..in fact i just bought one myself...seems like a great casual yet sophisticated bag, the nappa is yummy..and I will have it forever (that's if my daughter doesn't "borrow it").. I think the Venetas use is good for evening, and although the Cocker is larger and you can fit more inside, its usage is very different..
  4. prestwick - you're a good mom! I won't let my niece borrow my BVs! I've let her borrow the other brands - MJ, Fendi, Prada, etc. My BVs are too special! She did ask me to leave them to her in my will. I told her I would consider it! :P
  5. kiss-p- for the most part this bag may stay in my closet...About 5 yrs. ago BV did a Veneta in a small size, a size in between the medium and the mini.. I bought that one in black which she managed to snuff up..so I am praying that this is just too similar for her to need..and thinking of the summer months ahead, this would be great on the shoulder knowing there will be no heavy coats..But my favorite way to wear the bag is on the crook of my arm...and eventually the strap will stretch somewhat as it is broken in.. I think the bag just has a look... I guess I am not a Cocker girl...
  6. I really like the black medium veneta. i always pick it up when i am in BV.. I think its a great bag!!
  7. i have two venetas and i love them to death.
    i think a lot depends on how you want to carry the bags.
    you should go and try on the cocker in the shop and see if you like how it hangs on your body before making a decision.

    good luck and do share pics with us when you get one!
  8. My vote would be for the veneta b/c it's so versatile in how it can be carried.
  9. try on the cocker before making a decision - I prefer the Veneta, but if you like handheld bags, the cocker is gorgeous!
  10. Depends on whether you like variety in your bags. If you do, then go for something different. The cocker is a very unique bag and gives a different vibe from the Veneta.
  11. Thank you to everyone for your suggestions. I tried on both bags, but liked how the veneta fit me better. So I went with the black veneta. I guess I'm more of a shoulder bag girl. I will have to post some action pics soon!! Thanks again!:smile:
  12. etsonis, congrats! I think you made an excellent choice. I also have venetas in both colors and get plenty of use out of both of them. Looking forward to your action pics.