OPINIONS please! Unfortunately downsizing my LV Collection!

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  1. Hello everyone! First off, I hope everyone is safe, happy, and healthy at home with their families! So I had been think of downsizing my LV collection for some time now, I posted a while back. I was feeling the need to do so bc of my current lifestyle and wanting to take a more minimal approach, only keeping what I use regularly and find functional. I've watched a lot of the handbag for every occasion tag and top 5 bags on YouTube! Now, unfortunately with every going on I now NEED to downsize. It's just so freakin hard deciding which to keep! I rotate and use them all!
    I still need bags different for outings such as....grocery shopping, church, running to kids' practices, date night, theme parks, & casual events!
    I'm thinking of going down from 13 to keep 6-8 bags?!
    Montsouris nm, Menilmontant crossbody, and Portobello pm, are already gone! PLEASE kindly give me once more your thoughts/opinions on which to keep!!! Thanks in advance!!!

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  2. Personally if you’re looking for minimal I’d get rid of one of any of the bags you have duplicates of in a different canvas/leather:
    Twinset/Twice, Favorite, Pochette Métis.

    Also your Delightful(Graceful?) and whatever is above it (Artsy??) those 2 are similar IMO and I personally wouldn’t keep both.
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  3. +1 - I agree.
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  4. Totally agree! And it's a easy choice for me:

    Azur Favorite (only azur I see)
    Noir Monogram Canvas Twinset (I have this bag and it's the best! I preferred it over the PM)
    Empreinte PM

    Monogram Favorite (You have plenty of mono)
    Monogram PM (same and you have the mono twinset)
    Empreinte Twinset (You have the PM and the other twinset)
    Saintonge (Similar enough to twinset IMO to sell)
  5. Hmmm only you know which you use most & love best but I’d get rid of the ones I put red through and keep the rest:
  6. Thanks! Makes sense to start narrowing by the duplicate bags first! :smile:
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  7. Thanks for your reply! Funny that you mentioned that about the Twinset bc those 2 are actually my most used bags. So easy , lightweight, and organized with compartments! Not to mention worry free with no vachetta. :smile:
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  8. Thank you, thank you! This helps so much!
  9. 3ACE1669-0C19-4FEA-9701-36991FC34AA5.jpeg

    This is my vote. Personally i will try to avoid the bags that i feel like heavy even without putting my things in it like the one on top shelve and the pochette metis. As time pass by i notice that im carrying less even with my 5yrs old son with me. And i prefer a light, top handle and a crossbody bags.
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  10. Those would’ve been the ones I’d X’ed out too except I’d have left the top middle bag on the shelf and gotten rid of the Montaigne! :biggrin:
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  11. Hahaha - that was the last one I x’d out and it was between that & the Montaigne!
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  12. Thank you! Your opinions help! I totally get what you mean about heavy bags! I reach for my crossbody bags most of the time! :smile:
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  13. I was rank them in two lists and sell the ones at the bottom of both list

    List 1. Top to bottom of favourite bag
    List 2. Top to bottom of most used bags
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  14. Best of Luck! its hard to downsize if you use all bags. i have few bags and slg's but i feel like i already have a lot since i bought the nano speedy. after acquiring the nano speedy i tend to reach for it because its very light even with my essentials in it and carefree. I would love to know what will be your decision ☺️
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  15. Is this Gaia in the top left corner?