Opinions Please! Too Yellow?

  1. ^ This is really cute! I just prefer Clemence or Barenia on Evelynes. But if you are an Epsom fan, go for it!
  2. Not a "yellow" person myself, I do like the hermes yellow. It is very bright but warm and sunny... like a luscious lemmon! :P so the bag would probably look nice with summery colors
  3. Oooh, very pretty! What a nice pick-me-up this would be on a cloudy day. I have an Evelyne in epsom and it wears very nicely.
  4. I like yellow and this bag is very pretty. Reminds me of lemon yellow, nice summer color.
  5. It's a good yellow, the happy happy yellow. I like~:yes:
  6. I am not a yellow fan myself, but it sure is a happy shade of yellow. If you love it and can make it work for you, why not?
  7. I am not sure...it might work for high summer?
  8. I love my yellow birkin, and that is a lot of yellow....but surprisingly enough, I find a lot to mix it with and use it alot. Don't know if you like to 'mix' as I do, but the yellow really goes well LV multicolor line.


  9. Sure does!! I love the LV MC line!! I wish they'd come out with a Speedy 25 in MC though.:love:

    Btw, MSB ... ONLY 2 more days to go!!:yahoo:
  10. i like yellow, but i would like on a birkin with GH!

    msbroberts, ur birkin is such a beauty! love it!
  11. Pazt, I once saw a picture of a yellow crocodile sellier Kelly with gold hardware. It was TDF!
  12. any pics?? i've seen birkins (a friend has one in 35 with GH epsom leather - is TDF) but i've never seen kellys! i bet they're cute!
  13. I didn't keep it, but I know someone posted it a long time ago on another forum. It was soo gorgeous. Prior to this I never thought that gold could go with yellow, that pic sure changed my mind. The Kelly looks like a brick made of gold.:love:
  14. gorgeous bag!! didn't think i'd like it in such a big form but now the other one doesn't look as good to me..i'll keep invsioning yours!!!!!!
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