opinions please: too many cats?

  1. anyone who knows me knows i'm an animal lover. right now, i have two cats and a dog living with me and my boyfriend in our 3-bedroom house. at petco the other night, i fell in love with a cat from the local shelter and i'm flirting with the idea of adding him to our family.

    but...will that be too many cats?

    some background: one cat, tessa, is an independent crazy one and we almost never see her. the other cat, cleo, is a queen who only pays attention to men, so she's essentially my boyfriend's cat. my dog is little and thinks she's a cat - she even gets groomed by tessa. this boy cat from the shelter is neutered, needs to be in a home with strong-willed female cats (check!), and his foster family says he's a real lover of human females. food, litter and vet costs won't be a problem.

    what do you think?
  2. I have 9 cats and if you can afford her I say go for it. Too many is just someone's opinion. If you have the $$$, time, love and space there is no reason you shouldn't have another cat.
  3. ^^

    I agree. If you have all the essentials I don't see why not. The more the merrier. As long as no one gets neglected I think it would be great.
  4. I don't think four pets is too many. :smile:
  5. I think your heart is big enough for one more! You'd be helping a cat live a happy life and you would make your home that much richer.

    Hope you decide to do it!
  6. :tup: I agree with everyone else- in a 3 bedroom house I think you have plenty of space for everybody! If you have the time and the love, go for it!
  7. i agree, if you have the money to support another and there's not fighting between the cats, then get another. my parents have like 12 cats, 3 dogs, and 2 ferrets.
  8. I agree, if you have the money and the time, then go for it.
  9. I say get the kitty, my family had 6 cats and 3 dogs when I was growing up. I believe the more the merrier when it comes to our 4 legged friends.
  10. My household goes betwen 2 and 3 cats... I have flirted with the idea of a 4th, if I adopt a pair this next time around. I don't think 3 is bad at all, like everyone said, provided you can care for it, which it doesn't sound like is an issue.

    Post pictures if you bring home a new one!
  11. We have three and its PLENTY. I love them but I think if we had four I would feel it more. We have two hairless and one hairy cat I think if they were all furry it would be to much for US. Only you guys know if its good for you....best of luck in whatever you decide!!
  12. you guys are great. thanks so much for the support and advice. i don't think non-pet owners understand the love that pets offer.

    i ended up adopting the kitty last night! i'll post pics tonight. turns out he's the shelter worker's favorite, and my boyfriend is in love with him already (even though the kitty likes women more than men, or so we're told), so i think i made a good choice :smile:
  13. It would be wonderful for you to have another cat, I think!!
  14. pics from the shelter:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    they may be taken down today since he's been adopted, so i'll need to take my own :smile:

    d'oh! i forgot to mention an important fact - his name is sebastian, or sabby for short. we'll keep his name.
  15. ^^^
    Oh, what a CUTIE PIE.

    BLESS YOU for adopting from a shelter. I am wishing you all good things in life, you have a big heart.