Opinions please.. Thank you


Aug 5, 2020
Sydney, AU
Hi all. Hope you are all well and staying safe. I would like to share my experience of a repair at Chanel and would like to see what your opinions are because I am confuzzled hehe :biggrin: Thank you in advance!:heart:

I recently got my Chanel flats for a simple heel repair. The rubber part was slightly damaged from wearing it almost every day. When I got the shoes back, I didn’t try it out until few days later. I am unable to wear the shoes now because it is so loose. When I took a photo side by side (comparing left and right), the back part of the right pair is lower than the left pair. Because I am not very familiar with shoes, I went back to Chanel and 3 times already they said they didn’t do anything else other than replacing the heels. They said they can’t do anything. Now my shoes are left in the garage, sad and cannot be worn. Any tips on how I can wear it again? Will stretching help? I am unfamiliar with these things :confused1:


May 31, 2013
New York
I’m sorry you are having this problem. I do not quiet understand what the damage is exactly. Perhaps if we see the picture of the problem it will be easier to come up with the solution. Do you think one of the shoes was stretched out while being repaired?