opinions please... small CHANEL VINTAGE or small REISSUE

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  1. what would you prefer in your capsule collection ladies - and most importantly WHY? A little scrumptious vintage in black lambskin; or a small super cool metallic reissue?:smile: ( no you can only have the ONE):biggrin:

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  2. def the metallic reissue!
  3. the pic u have is the matte calfskin not the metallic : )
  4. While I typically love many of the vintage styles I am not too fond of this style. I do not particularly care for the diamond cut/brilliant detail on the hardware. I love the look of deep rich vintage gold hardware. I love the style of the re-issue but, don't know about the functionality of the smaller bag, especially when you have the double flap which gives you less room. I would think about the dimension, what I actually what I want to put in it, my lifetsyle, and type of use. I like the re-issue best. I love the ruthenium hardware on the reissue. It gives it the aged look. HTH.
  5. I will choose the reissue! A classic piece for a complete capsule collection.
  6. I would go for the reissue. Echoing the same thoughts as the earlier post, I'm not too hot on this particular vintage style. Maybe the vintage madison flap might look better? Well anyways, style is always a personal taste. :smile:
  7. Reissue
  8. so ladies, reissues are unanimously winning! It make you wonder who buys the vintage out there...WHY though? I am always reading how vintage are meant to be superior quality.
  9. reissue. I don't care for the stitching pattern of the first bag. Vintage is good but not all vintage designs are created equally.
  10. Reissue :yes::tup:!
  11. Ooooh the reissue, its gorgeous
  12. another vote for reissue!
  13. reissue, way prettier!
  14. I like the clasp on the vintage one but the reissue looks way better.
  15. Another vote for the Reissue