Opinions please... Should I keep this bag?

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  1. So, I've had this Peanut Ines for a little over a month now and she has just been sitting patiently waiting to get used. I took her out once and I oogle her all the time. But I'm not sure if I will use her enough.

    I have a phobia of light colors- but I loooooooooove this color and the shape of the bag.:drool::drool:

    So what do you think? Keep her and use her- especially this spring? Keep her for special occasions or return her? I hate to let her go, but I don't think it's fair for her not to ever see the light of day.





  2. Oh she's sooo gorgeous!!! But I totally know what you mean, I am afraid of light colors too. I would keep her and wear on special occasions, she's far to beautiful to let go of!!!!
  3. that's a pretty shade. ITA with ali w. :smile:
  4. absolutely you should keep that bag! no doubt about it. i love the peanut ines. i think it's neutral enough to work as both a winter and summer bag. since you have a phobia of lighter bags, i assume your collection consists of medium to darker colors, am i correct? if so, then it'll be nice for you to have one bag that's different from all the others. did i mention that i think this bag is gorgeous?! i think you can work it, jess. i believe in you. :roflmfao:

    i like that cardigan. i have a thing for long, boyfriend style grey cardigans. is it from american apparel?
  5. I love it... if you got a good deal on it and think you have occasions where it will be useful then keep! But if you paid full price and aren't totally in love (to the point where you want to make outfits designed around carrying your new bag) then return.
  6. i say keep her too and just use her every now and then. she looks great on you, and I love your sleeve!!! hopefully i can get some ink this year as well.
  7. what are you crazy woman! you rock that bag - it looks great on you and you should absolutely keep it. especially if you got it on sale! i saw the ines in indigo recently. if anything, maybe you could sell the peanut and since you love the style of the bag, you could get the darker indigo (same color as the keypouch i got on sunday).
  8. thanks girls!

    kim, all my bags are dark- black, brown, grey. the teal mayfair was my "flashy" color haha. i love the bag, it's just my mom instilled this sense of you can never wear white for fear of dirtying it. and yes, the sweater is from aa- i LIVE in it. my bf works there and gets 50% off- so i have it in a bunch a colors. they run super big though because of the unisex thing- the one i wear is a small- great for my self esteem i guess:p

    i did get it on sale pghandbag, and i do like it. it's just the fear of ruining it.
  9. haha thanks jackie- hmmm i'll have to think about that. i did loooove the color of that key pouch you got.

    i really like the nude look of the peanut too though.

    decisions decisions.
  10. ^^ where did you get this on sale jess?
  11. right? she's always managing to find the good deals. i'm jealous. i can't even find the bags i want on eBay!
  12. It looks great on you so I say keep it (esp you got it on sale)...BUT if you don't think you will use it as much, maybe exchange it for a darker color as tuffcookie suggested...the indigo she posted looks amazing!!! Good luck ;)
  13. I have the same phobia of light colors BUT it is a beautiful bag, and it looks great on you :smile:
  14. thanks again everyone!

    i got it on sale at Saks last month- but i just saw it went back up on Saks.com got further marked down :sad: oh well.

    still thinking....