Opinions Please...Should I get the Damier Knightsbridge or Duomo??

  1. I am thinking the Knightsbridge might be a bit too "proper" looking for me as I have a tendency to dress fairly casually. Would the Duomo be a better everyday bag?
    duomo.jpg knightsbridge.jpg
  2. i love love love the duomo!!! they are both beautiful bags though!!
  3. hey smallfry - i would go for the duomo! its a really nice bag!!! I think Damier can be dressed up and down quitely easily... good luck with what you decide to get!
  4. I'll be the lone dissenter. I lovelovelove the looks of the knightsbridge. I think it will look just fine paired with casual clothes. If I ever get one I have full intentions of wearing it with jeans and sweaters in the fall! Ahhh dreamy!

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    Oooh, look at that...this was my 100th post! Wooo hoo!
  5. I love them both, but Duomo is my favorite!
  6. What a difficult decision, they are both TDF. However...I think...duomo.
  7. I love the detail on the knightsbridge!! Get that one!
  8. wow that is a tough one.. they are both amazing.. I dunno though. the Knights is really nice .. maybe go with that one..
  9. I like the shape of the duomo more
  10. Duomo!
  11. Duomo!!
  12. Hardware on Knightsbridge is so nice. And I like the shape of the Duomo. But of the two, I prefer hardware on the Knightsbridge. :yes:
  13. Duomo would be good for a more casual look but i like the details on Knightsbridge :smile:

    not very helpful,am i?? haha :smile:
  14. Knightsbridge has beautiful detailing... I think you can wear it casual reminds of the mono mini josephine....:love:
  15. il ove the knightsbridge. another tpfer got one recently and i really loved the photos- plus it's opening is really nice.