opinions please! shorts and boots

What do you think about wearing shorts and boots?

  • It's cute

  • It's ugly

  • maybe...

  • undecided

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Mar 31, 2008
so ive seen a few magazines/online fashion polls about wearing shorts and boots together. i actually think its a cute look if its a casual shirt, shorts (not short shorts!:smile:) and knee high boots. what do u guys think?

*thanks for the input! and feel free to post any pix relating to the topic :tup:
Jan 2, 2008
i voted 'undecided' just because i think you have to have the right body type and legs for it... it looks cute in the magazines and stuff, but i mean why would you want to wear boots w/shorts if its hot out? don't really understand the meaning... i know its a style to wear, but i mean everyone has their own fashion sense... it does look cute though, if you got it and can pull it off, i say go for it! :tup:


Nov 28, 2007
no no no! reminds me of pretty woman... when she was a whore


Sep 22, 2006
I'm not a fan of it as far as trends go. While I like boots with some dresses and shorter pants as a transition in the fall or spring, I don't like the look of boots with shorts. It just seems a little silly to me.

However, trends aside, if this is your kind of thing or a look you enjoy then by all means do it. Worn by the right person, boots can go with ANYTHING. I just think that the majority of people who will indulge that look will do it because it is a trend and not because they own that look, so it will look awkward in most cases.


Mar 31, 2008
i think the look is better to wear when its not real hot and not real cold :smile: that in between weather where u can wear whatever. i like it, but sometimes i see the look and think "wow thats ugly." i dunno i guess it depends on the person and everything theyre wearing....:confused1::upsidedown: