Opinions please red flap owners!

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  1. Can someone please enlighten me...how does your red lambskin flaps hold up?

    Lambskin is seen as very fragile, but I'd love to know is it really as fragile as everyone says it is? I'd love to get one but I am worried about damaging it! How about colour transfers, scratches and rain?

    It's a decision between caviar, patent and lambskin but someone has posted a colour transfer problem already with the patent which was originally my first choice!
  2. i don't own a red lambskin. i have all in caviar jumbo. if you are considering jumbo, i suggest you go for caviar. i maybe bias since i own them in caviar. but if you are for the med, i would go for the lambskin as i feel red in lambskin in med is the ultimate match especially if it's in ghw.
  3. Well I just received a vintage one today. The color was darkened, but it is a pretty old bag. There were a few scratches, but I guess they were inevitable. Its still gorgeous, and I'm sure LMB or Chanel would be able to spruce it back to its former glory (hopefully!)
  4. I have caviar because I'm so rough with my bags and don't want to worry about them!
  5. Lambskin is hardly as fragile as it's made out to be IMO. I wipe down my lambskin flaps with meltonian cleaner & conditioner after every few uses and they still look as pretty as they did the day I got them. Surface scruffs can be rubbed out gently using your fingers. As long as you don't take a pair of blades to them, they should be fine!
  6. ^ great post. i completely agree. i used to prefer caviar because i was a chicken and didn't want to ruin lambskin, but i've recently went on a lambskin binge and could not be happier. its gorgeous and much nicer than caviar. they are easily cleaned and hold up nicely with regular care and a bit of carefulness.
  7. I am seriously considering purchasing a lambskin red..but it's against the hardwaring caviar....I have got a caviar fuchsia 09 but i dunno what should the red be...
  8. I have few lambskin flaps and never had a problem with it. Yes, it is fragile but still I can use it as everyday purse. I care it with conditioner once a month.
  9. Another thing to keep in mind about lambskin is that the quilting deflates. If that bothers you then you should definately stick to caviar.