opinions please please

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  1. girls what do u think of chelsea vintage leather satchel? i am planning to get it in black but before i go ahead i want to know ur opinions.thanks.
  2. girls please give me ur input on chelsea vintage leather satchel in black. thanks
  3. I like the shape of the satchel, and I like the turnlock on top, it's easier to access than a zipper.

    I just don't like the brown straps with the black bag. It looks wrong to me. The brown seems too bright for the black and it doesn't look good together. *to me anyway*

    Now I really like the mineral one. :smile:
  4. I LOVE this satchel in the mineral color. I'm just not crazy about the light brown straps with the black one. Something about it doesn't look right. Just my opinion. If you want black, I think the ALL black leather Chelsea satchel is better looking and its cheaper. Good Luck with your decision. :smile:
  5. Oooo.
    Whats the item number for that bag?
    Im interested in seeing it. ;]
  6. it is 10963 in black
  7. I think it is pretty- but I have not seen it in person.

  8. Ooo!
    I think that bag lives up to its name of being vintage. =]
    I personally like the brown with black, it looks sharp.
    How big is it in real life?
  9. it is 13" in length and 7" in height
  10. The mineral color is TO DIE FOR. So is the toffee. It's a great bag!
  11. Love it
  12. I agree! Something about the light brown straps w/ the black leather that I dont like....I LOVE this bag in toffee though, AND I LOVE the Chelsea satchel in signature...khaki/tobacco...I am considering that one for MYSELF..if I can EVER make up my mind!!!! LOLOL
  13. I just merged 2 of your threads as you posted the same thing twice.
    Actually, you posted the same thing 3 times but I'll leave your "Hi" thread as it was also an introducion.
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  14. I love the style but the leather looks pebbly to me and I guess I'm spoiled on vintage leather but the pebbled leather looks cheap and fake to me =P