Opinions Please. Pirata Gioco or BV???

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Which Pirata Bag Should I Keep?

  1. Pirata Gioco

  2. Pirata Buon Viaggio

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. After helpful input from the forum, I've decided to keep my Amore Gioco. I've also picked up a Spiaggia BV. So now, I'm not sure if I should keep my Pirata Giovo or Pirata BV. Both have good print placements and I can't choose! HELP!




  2. the placement on both are pretty nice in my opinion :biggrin: your BV looks just like mine!! i think this print looks nice in the BV! or maybe i'm just biased since i have a BV, LOL.
  3. lol. I know what you mean. originally when i started getting into tokidoki, I was really fond of the gioco style. I'm glad that I'm keeping the L'amore in the gioco because I think the print and style go really well together (as opposed to the L'amore in BV) and then I was happy with keeping the Pirata BV. BUT THEN I went to Macy's today and they had the Spiaggia in BV, which I absolutely loved and had to pick up. Now, I don't know if I should keep the gioco or the bv because the print placement on both is really nice. I'm torn :confused1:
  4. i agree.. amore in gioco is cute.. and fits very well together!

    i hate deciding on stuff! especially if you find great placements!, like your current situation.. blaaahh :[ i guess since you got two cool placements, pick the bag style you like the most? lol.. there will be other prints to choose from in the near future.. so if you choose to keep the BV this time, you can get a gioco in a future print! or think ahead about what print will look good on what bag style.

    sorry if i worded everything all confusing.. but i hope i somewhat helped! :biggrin:!!

    p.s.: you're from san diego too! haha, COOL!
  5. too many cut off heads on the back of the BV so I vote Gioco!!
  6. Yeah I was thinking about that too (about the future prints) so I'll definitely keep that in mind. Maybe I'll like the winter print in the gioco instead. We'll see. But yeah, I'm from SD! =)
  7. more comments please! :smile:
  8. i vote the gioco ...it has a really good placement!!
  9. I like your gioco more than your bv