Opinions PLEASE: pic included - Betsey Johnson Biker Babe

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  1. Hello Everyone!

    I'm one of those people who buy things and then later wonder how I didn't see that it was ugly. So, I'm trying to avoid being in those situations again and want your opinions.

    What do you think of the Betsey Johnson Biker Babe Handbag? I originally got one in ivory. It's actually real soft and nice. I like the shape. The thing is the studs on it are silver and lilac! I thought it was silver and blue. I hate lilac. Anyways, it turns out its dirty so I'm thinking of exchanging it but they only have pink left. So I am going to return the ivory one for sure... but wondering if I should get the pink one. Below is the picture of the ivory and pink one.

    My question is about the pink one-- What are your opinions on it? Is Betsey Johnson a good brand? Or is it "cheap". Do you think that pink color can be useful? (I wanted ivory originally b/c I know I can wear that with almost anything.) I have a light pink Coach bag I bought once that I wanted so badly and ended up never wearing it. Now that I look at it, I want to barf. It makes me think of pepto bismo. It just doesn't seem to go with anything.

    So any opinions welcome! What do you think of the pink bag??? TIA

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  2. IMO, it's cute, but also very trendy. i don't think it's worth it. and Betsey is just ok -- quality is probably under Coach's
  3. is it trendy b/c of the studs? what if its under $100?
  4. I agree with lin. The studs and colour are very trendy, but if it's a bag you'll use, that's really all that matters. Personally even though it's cheap, I'd skip it and use the money toward something of better quality and a little more versatile.
  5. It is trendy looking. Cute. It seems like a reasonable price for a trendy piece that you may only use for a season or two. Are you ok with that price for a piece that mayb not be in your closet for years to come? I have a few bags that I have bought because at the time I HAD TO HAVE them and the prices weren't OTT so... I say go for it. That shade of pink is very ON TREND right now.
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    thanks everyone for all the opinons. so really the pink color is what makes it trendy ... not really the style right? I am sooo not good at seeing pieces that last.

    i been thinking that i should just keep the ivory one instead. the studs are lilac color which was not what i expected... thought it would be blue. I'm having a hard time envisioning what would match with an ivory biker bag with lilac studs... but then again the pink would be harder to match.

    the only problem is that the one they sent me isn't in perfect condition. i mean its fine... but someone yanked the tag off, they stuffed paper back in the bag in streds (surprise the company didnt repackage it), and theres two teeny tiny little markings.. one gray and one pink and a teeny tenny little hole. you'll only see it if you're inspecting it real closely like I did. the more i'm talking, the worst it sounds. It really isn't bad at all. I'm thinking of keeping the ivory... any opinions on that?

    I have two other purple bags.. one patent and one not. I never wear either one. Can't seem to really match it. That's why I'm hesitating with the ivory with lilac studs. BUT maybe my problem is not the color but that I don't know how much match outfits with purses? They have a clutch that matches it too that I'm thinking of getting. Clutch would be around $50. I know I know... why do I want the clutch if I'm not sure of the bag? I just like things that go together....

    sorry I ramble. My BF is so annoyed when I ask him about handbags. Hahaha.

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  7. I REALLY don't like them....both bags look cheap to me (sorry!)
    I think you would be better putting your money towards something of better quality and that will be more versatile in terms of colour and style...
  8. out of the 2 the white is better imho
    the pink still looks a bit 'pepto' to me.
    Either way though, I think it's a bag that you'd get tired of after a season.. not something you could carry long -term (just my opinion)

    best of luck deciding!
  9. the white is better, but i still wouldn't get it
  10. I like them. They have had this line of Betsy Johnson in TJ Maxx stores for a few months now and they look better in person to me. I have 2 or 3 Betsy Johnson bags in leather and they are some of the best bags I have, definitely very well made. The black leather Betsy Johnson that I have gets compliments all the time and the leather is fantastic, just as good as my Rebecca Minkoff bags.