Opinions please on this Tiffany gold heart bracelet

  1. I have agold Links of London charm bracelet with charms that I am selling to fund this, I only wear gold and like chunky pieces but gold normally isn't made in really chunky styles like silver because it is more expensive. Anyway I saw this bracelet and I really like it, the return to tiffany bracelets that are made in gold are not so big or heavy as the silver versions but this is, it is quite heavy. It is £1275 in gold do you think that is a rip off? Are you paying way over the odds because it is Tiffany or is a heavy 18ct gold bracelet that much from anywhere? What are your honest opinions on this? It is the silver in the pick as the gold one is not on the site. Do you think you can tell it is an expensive bracelet or not?
    Thanks:smile: [​IMG]
  2. Personally, I would keep your Links of London charm bracelet. While the Tiffany's bracelet is nice, I think your other bracelet, with your charms, make it more personal. I have a charm bracelet that I've been collecting charms to since I was younger, and I would never ever sell that because of the sentimental value.
  3. I like this bracelet. Are you purchasing it in white gold? I agree with not selling your charm bracelet, since it is more personal? Can you get the same look by buying this bracelet in silver and it will be much cheaper so maybe you would not have to sell your charm bracelet.
  4. ok, all the brand slaves here are going to slap me for saying this but you could get an independent jeweler to copy this same bracelet for you in real gold for much cheaper.
    a friend of mine did that, she got the silver tiffany bracelet copied in white gold and it's stunning. with tiffany you're always paying more than it's worth because of the name. but 18k gold is the same no matter what the label on it is so why pay more?
  5. answering the original question: no, it does not look like an expensive bracelet to me. if it is the look you are going for then go for it but i would not buy it to look expensive.
  6. I have the exact Tiffany bracelet and matching necklace in 18k yellow gold. I put the bracelet up for auction on eBay to sell since I haven't worn it much but I decided to just keep it. Its just too pretty to part away.

    Tiffany jewelry are expensive but its worth it, their customer service are excellent. Free cleaning on gold jewelry so it will always look new.

    A professional jeweler can copy their design but not their craftmanship. That's why its Tiffany & Co.
  7. I want it in yellow gold, they dont have that one on their site so I have shown the silver one, preciousmoment does the heart show on top of your wrist when you wear it or does it slide around?
  8. its stays put, since the bracelet is kinda chucky and heavy, it doesn't slide around much. This is a picture of myself wearing the bracelet. [​IMG]

    If you really like it, you should definitely get it. Tiffany prices go up every year. So the sooner you get it its better.
  9. Yes, you are paying for the name. You could get something similar for much cheaper.
    Don't be so concerned about whether or not it "looks expensive" for so much money. Who cares? If you like something, buy it!
  10. It looks lovely on you!
  11. exactly. as long as you're ok with that, then go for the tiffany but there are many independent jewelers out there who could copy the design or make you something similar and whose workmanship is equal to that of tiffany. i think people like to tell themselves that they're paying for workmanship and not just the brand when they buy tiffany but it's not true and anyone that really knows their jewelry can tell you that. if you do your homework and find an excellent jeweler you can get the same quality for much less cash and have the satisfaction of knowing you didn't pay hundreds more just for a label.
  12. i like it with multi strands holding the charm instead of links. forgot where i saw it tho. if you love it then get it and enjoy it
  13. precious- it looks great on you!
  14. thanks :p
  15. I would keep the charm bracelet. I am not a fan of the Tiffany signature pieces or hearts in general. I think the charm bracelet is much more unique & interesting!

    And sorry but no, it doesn't look expensive to me at all.
    I agree w/ the other poster if you really want it, get it done in gold by a jeweler. IMHO Tiffany's prices are ridiculous for what you actually get!