opinions please on this NUDE pump!

  1. I think I'm going to pre-order them, anyone own this style? any input? I'm just going to assume they run small enough for me to order larger and this will be my last CL purchase for a very long time, I just suddenly felt the need for nude. They're rather timeless right?? TIA!
    Christian Louboutin Covered Platform Pump -  Shoes -  Neiman Marcus.jpg
  2. These are the declic 100 , I think they are a very lovely standard timeless pump... wear them well :smile:
  3. love it
  4. Is that the Declic? My internet is too slow to see the attachment ...

    IMHO, if you want timeless, go nude patent. Are these patent?
  5. Edit: double post.
  6. I love this shoe and it's even better that it is so comfortable.
    I actually found this shoe to run true to size.
  7. Oh, well if it runs true to size they are going back, they don't have my true size available in nude, I'll let them come and give them a shot first though! Thanks!
  8. They are not patent, I really like the matte finish on this nude shoe for what I'm going for. I do have my eye on a patent sling back though.
  9. Hmm..Not crazy about the shape of this shoe. They are classic imo though.
  10. What was the thing about declics and the toe/ball of your foot looking like a bun? The yellow suede ones?
  11. I have these in black and love them though I am still in the breaking in process and my feet hate them. But they are super classic!

    I saw the nude the other day and its a beautiful color actually, BUT it was very dirty. I asked my SA about it and she said they had only been out a couple days. So while I like them just be very careful since they are regular leather versus patent.

    As for sizing I bought my true CL size 38.5(which is a 1/2 from my normal size 38) they are very snug....but the next size up was completely slipping off. (I needed an in between size like a 38.75) Good luck with your shoes!
  12. I think they are a great looking shoe.
  13. Yeah, I'm thinking I will totally spray these with waterproof/dirt resist stuff before I use them (although not the most environmentally friendly:s), I think the size may be ok, if they are a tad big I like to use inserts anyway for extra comfort. We will see, I know I'm going to be a bit paranoid with them with the color but I'm excited to give them a try. There's a nude patent shoe on Saks.com that's cute but it has a silver tipped heal, no platform, and a pointier too, just think these are sexier!
  14. Nude Declic sounds like a fantastic timeless shoe! Keep us updated on your soon-to-be purchase! :smile:
  15. I love them. I'd love either nude or the bright blue declics! No idea about size though as my CL sizing seems to be all over the place