Opinions, please on this bag...

  1. I love the rouched look of the Ferragamo "Marissa" bag, but really don't like how the shape looks on me. Saw this bag Cole Haan bag online (which I haven't tried yet) and like the shape better. What do you think?

  2. I like it, but maybe in a different color
  3. It's pretty cute. How big is it? I agree w/ Laltiero85... it may be cuter in another color.
  4. I liked that Cole Haan bag too, but I saw it IRL, and I don't like it as well. Seems too big too me.
  5. Thanks everyone, I guess I'll have to check it out IRL. I'm trying to find something with a frame top and rouching, but a bit less blatantly horizontal than the Marissa bag. I wish it came in a grey. I don't like either of the other colors available (orange and nude).
  6. Cute - I like the "ruching" or however you spell it.
  7. Cute bag.

    Pseub, what do you think of this Dutchy bag?

    Nana Doc Medium


    It's pretty big:

    Great for a day at work, the gym or a stylish diaper bag. The strap fits comfortably over your should or around your forearm.
    dimensions: 18” x 12” x 11” entry
    strap: 21”

    Nana Doc small on sale for $116 (three colours available)
    Nana Doc Small

  8. Wow, that's cute! Thanks for the suggestion.
  9. Ooooh, I think it is super cute AND I DO like the color as is!

  10. It's very cute but something about the color...it needs a little more "life" (zip) to it...a little flat, IMO.
  11. I was buying at Coach yesterday and there's a Cole Haan right next to it. I saw that bag in the window in the nude. I really liked it. I thought it looked wonderful.
  12. Cole Haan may have other styles that work for you--they have an extensive line of bags. I love passerby's suggestions, too. She always comes up with winners!
  13. The bag is cute, but the color is blah. I also would like it more if it's just a tad more horizontal.
  14. Very nice bag, but I agree with everyone else on the color.:yes: