Opinions please on Marc Jacobs Amy Hobo

  1. I have not seen this bag in person and only online. If anyone has it, can you tell me what you like about it and if anything what you don't like about it?

    Also, it comes in black and in whiskey. What do you think? :yes:
  2. Do you have a pic or a link? I don´t recognise the name of the bag.
  3. Actually, it is the large hobo. He also made a medium. I think I saw it named online at either a Saks, Nordies or Neiman's. Since I looked at this forum a little more, I saw the hobos but nothing mentioned as Amy. So, they could have been a misprint.

  4. Is this the tote?

    From Neiman Marcus online
  5. Yes, SuLi. That is it. I love that bag and it is on eluxury. I would love to find it cheaper.

    Do you know anything about it?

    It seems that not many people know about this bag or maybe it's just not a fav. Thanks.
  6. I have seent he bag online... I actually think it's pretty cute... but I think I prefer it in black
  7. i really do not love the vertical zippers
  8. Amy Hobo is the new version of previous season's Leather Hobo (comes in Medium & Large, still available at Saks.com). This updated version has bigger flap and extra zippers in the front; it only comes in 1 size (quite big). I like the older style more, it's not as busy.

    Personally, I'm not too fond of Hobo or Messenger styles so I prefer other MJ bags. It's really a personal preference, I remember some members here mentioned liking it. This bag is from Fall 2006 collection, it won't be on sale for a while.

  9. I'm not fond of that bag at all. I have a MJ hobo and I prefer that one.
  10. I saw this bag in person it is a lot nicer IRL. Once the stuffing has been taken out you can really appreciate the slouchiness of the hobo style.
  11. If I'm not mistaken, I saw it on Nordstrom San Francisco. I think it would be a great everyday bag. It has the casual style in it. Personally, I won't go for this particular style, just because I don't like the flap over the bag. I do like most of the hobo styles though.
  12. I have this bag in the new Fall color Amethyst. I love the color tremendously! Here are things that I like about the bag: very slouchy, vertical zipper pockets on front of bag hold quite a lot (I have meds in one zipper pocket and makeup in the other), love the flat shoulder strap - great length. Dislikes: this bag weighs a ton when filled, it's like a big black hole - hard to find things that are tossed around inside the bag since it is so deep (and wide when filled), the flap over strap hardware somewhat heavy - thought I was going to crack a countertop at the store when I flipped it over and it hit the glass! I do get a lot of compliments on the bag, but I think it is more about the color than the actual style. I think I love the organizational compartments of the Blake better. I would consider the Amy to be about the same in size as the large multipocket.