Opinions please on if I should keep my new H bag

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  1. I purchased a new clemence H bag through a trusted reseller.Due to the fact I didn’t have to pay any taxes, the price of the bag was aboutretail. I received the bag today. It is completely new & gorgeous on theoutside. The inside also looks new but there’s some wrinkling on two corners ofthe bag. There were no reported issues of the bag from the reseller. They didhave a lot of pictures and one of the pictures I can make out the wrinkles nowthat I know it’s there. I thought it was just the lighting. At first I was leaning towards keeping it becauseit would be impossible to find another new H bag unless it was highly markedup. I don’t have a SA as I purchased the majority of my other bags by chance onvacation or from a reseller. Now I am having second thoughts as I read this threadabout wrinkles on the interior corners being a “defect”. Don’t know what to doas I have a limited amount of time to decide. Any opinions would beappreciated.

  2. You could take it to H and ask them. They still have to spa reseller bags (and you can always say it's a gift)...say it looks funny, is this an issue, could spa fix it?
    Other than that I think it's an issue of how much it bothers you. Have you looked at the interiors of similar B's? Is it actually abnormal, like an oversize lining?
  3. Mine is a K. My other H bags with a square interior (B,K, Bolide) are in Fjord & Togo. My only other Clemence is the Evelyn which is no help.
  4. Can u post some photos of the wrinkles here for some of our experienced members to better advise you?
  5. This. Without seeing what it is, it's hard to give you any reasonable advice.
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    As others have said, pictures would be helpful. Also, what year is it? Clemence is soft and will slouch over time.
  7. With pictures we can give better opinions for sure
  8. Thank you ladies for your responses. I was so upset yesterday didn't think of posting pictures :lol:

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  9. If the wrinkles are only on the inside I personally would not care the slightest. Lovely colour and if it´s a Kelly I love it too:smile:
  10. Mmm... I am a bit torn on this too. Is this a defect? I don't think so, especially it's inside the bag. But it probably would bother me a bit too. It really depends on how you feel about it. If the price is right, and it's a exact bag you are looking for in terms of colour/leather/HW, or it's hard to find, I probably would keep it.
  11. I couldn't tell you what the inside of my bags look like....as long as the outside looks great (and as expected), I would keep it and forget about the inside.
  12. +1
  13. Maybe that's why it is close to retail price. I personally would take the winkle inside anyday in exchange of thousands of dollars premium.
  14. I checked the inside of my clemence K retourne. I didn't see any wrinkle but personally I think it all depends on whether it affects the outside of the bag and how much it bothers you. If yours is also a retourne with seams on the inside, then I wonder if it's a characteristic of when the bag was made and turned inside out. Each bag is handmade and unique but if it's going to bug you then may be you may not want to keep it. You could also post your question in the vintage thread with Docride. Not that your bag is vintage but the ever wonderful Docride can probably tell you if this is a defect or just a characteristic of clemence. G'luck!
  15. I just checked my clemence Lindy and noticed that it also has some wrinkles on the inside corners from where the bag slouches. This doesn't show on the outside. Again, would suggest you check with Docride and other leather experts.