Opinions Please on Funky CELINE & CL Shoes!!

  1. Hi all, I am in need of your wise thoughts on 2 separate shoe styles ... [​IMG]

    I am undecided about either of these two styles because they are so different than everything else I own. :sweatdrop: I usually buy more conservative or safer-looking shoes because I tend to get the most use out of them. Problem is that all my shoes are now starting to look the same. :shrugs:

    1st Pair - Celine - I don't own any Celine shoes and am debating over whether to get these blush colored platform pumps. A friend has them in black and white, and, even though hers were a little big on me, they were surprisingly comfortable when I tried hers on. I really like the blush color, and have had a hard time finding blush colored shoes that are different in style than so many of the basic pumps I already own.

    2nd Pair - CL - I bought the black/gold CL fox trots and I am still undecided about them. They are surprisingly comfortable and not as narrow as some of my other CLs. I own repeats of CL's other basic styles, so these are certainly different.
    celine.jpg celine_-_2.jpg CL_fox_trot.jpg
  2. if i were to pick only one pair i would say the cl's. They are HOT! as for the celine's i'm not a huge fan
  3. I love the fox trot too!
  4. I love the CLs. As for the Celines, they are cute, but I'm not really feeling the way the tip is designed.
  5. I like them both - but wouldn't wear either :shrugs:
  6. The CL's are way nicer, the Celines do nothing for me.....why do they curve up at the end?
  7. I like the Celines, I have been drooling over them for a while now
  8. I love the CL. The Celine are okay.
  9. I was wondering the same thing about the Celines -- I found a Celine runway video with an interview of their designer. I don't know if I heard wrong, but it sounded as though she described her pumps as "gym shoes with a feminine touch." Really strange. :confused1:

    Here's the video:

  10. Im in loveee with the Celines!!!
    But then again.....Louboutin is the best.....sooo....in my opinion....get both! lol
  11. Not that I'm biased or anything.... ;) :p but the Louboutins is a much more timeless shoe. I don't see the Celines being wearable after a couple of seasons -- it'll start to look dated. The fox trots are going to be a great shoe for a loooong tme.
  12. i say CL although I am huge Celine fan. but the 'curled toe' doesnt really do it for me. and I agree the CLs will last longer.
  13. The Celine shoes are okay, but you'll get endless use out of those CLs. I don't think they're an "unsafe" bet
  14. The curl on the Celine makes me feel like I'd fall over. I'd go for the CLs - they're really hot, and will stay in style!
  15. I love the Celine's but I am wondering how the curled toe will be for walking? The CL's will always be classic.