Opinions please on choosing between these 2 caviar bags

  1. The jumbo classic flap brown caviar vs. cert tote large caviar brown?
    Which one do you prefer and why?
  2. I prefer totes over the flap bags.
    I need lots of room personally and I like to be able to get into and out of my bag quickly w/o fumbling w/ teh flap.
    Also, the flap bags are too confining for me size/shape-wise.
    I may buy a small one eventually for an evening bag, but I couldn't personally use one everyday.

    I don't prefer teh Cerf over other totes for me personally, but I prefer it out of the 2 you mention.
  3. Cerf!!
  4. Which other ones do you like? I have the black caviar grand shopping tote and I wanted something in brown caviar.
  5. I would prefer the cerf, more spacious than jumbo...
  6. i'm going to say: cert tote large caviar brown
  7. I prefer the Jumbo dark brown flap (but I'm biased cause I own it!). The cerf is too plain for my tastes, and I don't need that much room in a handbag.

    The cerf is deerskin (cerf=deer in french). Unless Chanel changed the leather to caviar calfskin?
  8. I like the flap for a night out, not everyday.
  9. Oh Roey, I though it was caviar, I saw it quickly in the store, it looked like caviar from far. I love your bag.:love:
  10. Depends on what you need a bag for! I love both - I have a classic flap, and the Cerf is on my want-to-buy list :smile: Both are gorgeous, but for different uses.
  11. the Jumbo..I definitely use it a lot! and I dont mind the flap..but then, thats me.. hehe
  12. For an essentials tote, I'd go for the flap. For more practical, everyday use, the cerf is a better choice. :smile:
  13. The Cerf Tote will be more casual and better for everyday. In Brown, I'd go with the Cerf Tote.
  14. I think the cerf is rather plain - getting it in brown would add some color interest. And I agree, the tote style is more casual and practical for everyday.

    Good luck with your decision!