Opinions please on Amarante Houston or Brentwood and Fingerprint feedback?

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Which would you pic - Amarante Houston or Brentwood

  1. Amarante Houston?

  2. Amarante Brentwood?

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  1. I really love both these styles and am having a hard time figuring out what to get.
    Which one would you get and why?

    Also – how do you guys think the fingerprint issue would be?
    I kind of think it won’t be too bad. I had a sunset blvd and wallet that really showed prints, but small leather goods get handled so much where as a shoulder bag may not be so bad.

    Anyhow – really appreciate your input.
  2. I have the Brentwood and don't notice fingerprints at all. It comes with a buffing cloth but you don't really need it.
  3. Thanks Rebecca - I'm really leaning toward the Brentwood.
    is there anything about it that you like more than the Houston?
  4. Hmm...longer/adjustable handles? I don't really know what I like better since I also have 2 Houstons lol.
  5. Thanks - I didn't know about the longer handles:tup:
    I actually have two houstons too - Never even used one of them :shame::shame:
  6. Brentwood! Love the adjustable handles :yes:
  7. That's the reason you should go for the Brentwood!!:p LoVe amarante!!!
  8. i say brentwood. i dunno why i just like it better haha
  9. I voted for the Brentwood ... I have 2 houstons as well and hardly use them. I find it too hard to get my hands in and out of there. So aside from the Brentwood having adjustable handles, it is also easier to get your stuff in and out of it ... probably since the inside is cotton lining whereas the houston has leather lining.
  10. Sweetpurple - you're right about getting in and out of the bag.
    I remember the last time I used one of my houstons (ugh! like over a year ago) , I had just had my nails done and it felt like I was wrestling with the bag to get my keys)
  11. i :heart: amarante...so the more the better--id go with brentwood, its bigger.
  12. OH geez ....

    I thought I'd go with a Brentwood, but the Bellvue comes out tomorrow - so now I'll have to make another decision :sweatdrop::sweatdrop:

    I can't wait to see the new bags :smile:
  13. Both are nice but I prefer the Brentwood, it's slimmer and so feminine. The Houston is more casual and fun looking. Just my 2 cents.
  14. Just to throw a kink in your plans --- I saw the amarante Bellevue GM today and it is a stunning bag!!! It's cheaper, too, at $970 USD. It is available tomorrow (at least here in SoCal). But in answer to your question --- I prefer the Brentwood. I have the pomme Brentwood and the flatter shape on the bottom made it easier for me to carry it on the shoulder.

    I have the amarante Summit Drive and I don't notice the fingerprints at all. It's not something that would bug me, though. Just wipe it down with the dust cloth that's provided. Good luck with your decision!!
  15. Brentwood....I really love the amarante color. I don't think the fingerprints would be bad on a bag. I think it would show more on the accessories that you're always touching.