opinions please on 2 tone bayswater

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  1. So, I'm after a chocolate bayswater but have found out the outlet has got the chocolate bayswater with oak trim as in this picture posted by another TPFer. Any opinions- i do like it but have never seen one IRL and not entirely sure about the contrast stitching against the chocolate background. What to do? Help - I'm v tempted!!!

  2. Oooh, your post count is 666 - spooky!

    I do like that bag and remember seeing it reduced on the Mulberry website at Christmas (I'm sure it's the same one - my friend was thinking about getting it).

    It doesn't really look like a classic Bayswater to me, though. Is it darwin leather? You've been thinking about the plain chocolate one for a while - are you just keen on this because you can get it now? And if/when a plain chocolate becomes available from the outlet, will you regret having already bought one that you don't *love*?

    Alternatively, you could try it. If you don't love it you can return for store credit and then swoop on the plain chocolate once it's available. It does mean that Mulberry are holding onto your money in the meantime, though. Plus you have to pay for return shipping.
  3. I think I'm just tempted because I WANT ONE NOW!!!! and none of the outlets have a plain chocolate one! I shall think about it a bit more. I did also consider the option of ordering then just returning IF I don't love it and then waiting for the chocolate one.
    I need some self control! My concern is that it won't be classic enough and in time I'll tire of the whole contrast trim thing.
  4. I'm not that keen personally
  5. Thanks for your honesty! I shall wait for the plain chocolate bayswater and try to resist my impulsive urges!!! I've been thinking about getting a bayswater since January now so i think i can wait a bit longer!!!!
  6. I have to say I don't really love it and I think that you should wait for the Chocolate one which you will definitely get sooner or later. I am a complete impulse person too so I would find msyelf in this situation also, but it will probably be worth the wait when you get the classic one! Hope that helps!
  7. The one 2 toned bag in the picture is mine. It was stolen. My first mulberry. It's darwin leather in chocolate. Miss it so much
  8. Hope you didn't mind me borrowing your picture it was the only pic of the two-tone bag I could find!! i do think it's lovely and such a shame it was stolen.
  9. I am sorry am not a fan, I know how much you want the Chocolate and I wonder if you get this whether you will still crave the Chocolate. It is not a classis Bayswater IMHO. Don't get me wrong is lovely but I would hold out for what you truely want! :smile:
  10. I would wait. It sounds as if you have set your heart on a chocolate and if you buy this one it will be a compromise. I know all the well the temptation of wanting something sooner rather than later, but I think it's better to wait for a bag you *really* love.
  11. I'm so sorry I told you about the two-tone bag if it's put you through this agony!!
    Personally I would hang on for the chocolate. I've made so many mistakes (bag-wise) by buying on impulse and regretting it. If you have any doubts then this is not the bag for you.
    The factory shop will get a chocolate one in and if you've waited this long, it'll be worth hanging on a bit longer.
    Have you registered with them and asked them to call you as soon as they receive one?
    I did see the two-tone one IRL and thought it was ok but it definitely isn't as classy or classic as the plain chocolate.
  12. I phoned all the outlets this morning and both York and shepton have the chocolate bag trimmed with oak and York also had the chocolate bag with the leaves on it - oh the temptation ( a bird in the hand and all that!) I've registered with York and Bicester and left my phone number but I haven't done that with Shepton mallet yet. Will they really phone if they get one in or am I better off phoning them regularly?
  13. They are pretty good at calling. I've registered with them when I've been after a bag and they did call me, although I also backed it up with a virtually daily call!!
    You could ask for Alice, I'm fairly sure she's still there and she was a brilliant SA. I saw her during the summer sale and she's really helpful.
  14. York are really good too but it doesn't hurt to call them - I think the bag delivery is either Tues or Weds and the best do fly out the door - will keep a look out for you too as I am at York at least once if not twice a week;)
  15. Well, all apologies, but I'm not loving that bag. I do love the Bayswater and am lusting after one for myself. I think you should not settle for any bag, I think you should wait for exactly what you want. Otherwise, you know how it goes, the yearning for the chocolate Bayswater will not be satisfied. We women are so complicated, aren't we?:p