Opinions Please - New Leather??

  1. Okay, ladies. I need your knowledge, please. Does the bag below look like 'new worn once' leather to you? It is cognac which I know distresses easily, but this bag is beyond floppy (evidencing breaking in), scratched to crapola, and shows patina on the underside of the handle.

    None of my cognacs looked anything like this "new" or "only carried once". In fact, the cognacs have taken longer to break in than some of my others, though the handles do patina quickly...but not after 'one' wearing!

    To top it off, I'm told this bag was purchased at a Kooba sample sale in NY for ....ready...$365. Since when did a sample sale bag with an original price of $525 go for that much? Especially an older style. Bleah. And no sample sale stamp, though I think that there isn't always a stamp. Is there??

    Help! Your input would be greatly appreciated. :yes:
    Kooba chiara cognac 1.jpg Kooba chiara cognac 2.jpg Kooba chiara cognac 3.jpg
  2. Additionally: The underside of the bag is (bottom edge) is dirty from wear and the interior pockets are stretched out not crisp and folded as they are with new bags.

    I'm becoming more disgusted by the moment.... :crybaby:
  3. Maybe they meant it was carried for one 6 month stretch:confused1:. Can you return it?
  4. LOL!

    Fortunately, yes. Though the seller did toss around several words in ALL CAPS, indicating attitude. I'll mail it out tomorrow. Lets see what happens upon receipt. Oy.
  5. Glad to hear you can return it. It's one thing to buy a bag you know is flawed in some way or another, but that's ridiculous!
  6. Worn once, yeah, right.....I only have the Cognac Marcelle, but have worn it at least 20 times since I got it, looks like new still...(absolutely no patina yet on the handles, just had to go and check, LOL)

    Good luck with that return, KoobaMe, hope she won't give you any grief regarding your refund..
  7. I hope not as well. Just in case I took many detailed pictures inside and out and documented the many points that indicate it is not new or worn once. I will be shipping it with delivery and signature confirmation as well.

    Thanks, ladies! :yes: