Opinions Please! Mixing Balenciaga Accessories with other brands...

  1. Ok, heres my dilemma...

    I dont use my B-bags every day - as I go to College and I have to carry books etc.

    I also dont take them to dodgy places that they are liable to get ruined (eg- movies... already had one scare there)

    So I use my other nice leather bags that are obviously less costly, but which I also love and adore...

    Last night I used my City and then switched to 'another' bag for the BBQ I'm going to today...

    The Question:

    Do you think I should still carry my Balenciaga Coin Purse around in my other non-designer bags?

    It would be nice to have a peice of Bal with me ALL the time... but would it look out of place...?
  2. oh, i mix and match all the time. I think it's totally fine! Use and wear what pleases you them most :yes:
  3. I totally agree... I'm a fan of mixing and matching! I have other brands of wallets/accesories in my bbags, etc...

    When I finally get around to getting a coin purse, I would totally use it in other brands of bags!:yes:
  4. go for it!

    im a college student too, and im always throwing my school bags around, etc, so my ink messenger usually stays home. but i always feel the need to have some scrumptious leather and eye popping color on me, so i carry my coin purse regardless of what bag im carrying, or if im carrying a bag at all! :yes::yes:
  5. I am a total 'mixer-matcher'- in fact today I am using my ink day with MJ cc wallet & Bbag coin purse which I use for my make-up., the latter of which was, incidentally, in my Chanel reissue two days ago.
  6. Absolutley!

    It WOULD be nice, and NO I don't think it would look out of place ;)

    I totally agree with mercer: "Use and wear what pleases you the most."
  7. Well I've put all my makeup back in my Coin Purse and she's ready to roll in my Basque Bag!

    Thanks all

  8. ^^
    I'm sure every time you open up your bag and you see the pretty BI colour looking back up at you - it'll make you smile! :biggrin:
  9. Yep, for sure!
  10. i think it's totally fine to use your coin purse! a little piece of bbag is still w/ you. i mix and match w/ my bbags. i don't have any bal accessories yet.
  11. i mix and match all the time =)
  12. I carry my Truffle Toilet Case in ALL my bags (Vuitton, Gucci, Truex, etc.) -- I would not worry about it!

    However - I REALLY do want to get matching accessories for each of my bags....yeah I am an*l in that way ....hehehe
  13. I've been thinking about that too...

    Thats going to be my approach from now on... each time I buy a B-bag, I'm going to get a Coin Purse in the same colour :yes:
  14. i mix and match ALL the time.... whatever bag i'm carrying whether it's balenciaga, LV, chanel or hermes, my inside access are always the same!
    LV MC PTI, bal coin purse, and bal mini coin purse... :yes:
  15. yup couldn't agree more with mix-and-matching :smile: