Opinions please! Miranda vs. Lily Canvas

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  1. So these two have caught my eye on Coach.com. There's little chance I'll get to see these IRL, so I'd love to know what you guys think!

    Does anyone know what the citron on the Miranda is like? More yellow-y or greenish maybe?

    TIA everyone for your help!!!!:flowers:

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  2. I would go for the lily because the straps are longer. I also just like the style of the lily over the miranda (to me looks like a bowling bag...). I have a citron Leigh and it's more yellow than green.
  3. I own three leather Mirandas so that says something about how I feel about that design. It's a great bag that is definitely only meant to be handheld. The strap drop is a mere 5 1/2 inches. It is also a bigger bag than the Lily. All that said, I think the canvas Lily is offered in much nicer colors than the canvas Miranda. I am not a fan of the citron color-I guess because it just doesn't fit in with the colors that I tend to wear. I think the yellow on the Lily is a more sunny and usable color.
  4. I'm not a fan of the Miranda style, so I say hands down the Lily!! I saw these IRL last time, and they are really nice!! I like the coral one the best just because of the nice contrast to the canvas. I wouldn't mind getting one, but I'm kind of annoyed it's the same price as the all leather one!
  5. Yeah whats up with the price being the same? I didn't get that either...
    The coral one is gorgeous as well-I just happened to be looking for one with a yellow color in it somewhere.
  6. I'd go for the Lily. I think it has better styling and the colors are much more vibrant- that yellow is TDF!
  7. I would go for the lily. You know that particular miranda sorta reminds me of the purse being found at TJ MAXX currently. Not exactly the same, but close.
  8. my SA at my outlet has the Miranda in the pic and it was nice. I saw the Lily and was thinking about the brown trim. I definitely like the Lily shape more than the Miranda, but you would have to be REAL careful with the canvas.
  9. I actually like the Miranda better...call me different, I guess!
    I like the citron and the shape better than the other.
  10. Lily! The longer straps are the deciding factor, since they are both gorgeous styles.
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