Opinions Please - McQ vs. B-bag

  1. I'd appreciate everyone's opinion. I've got both bags--a Balenciaga Brief with the gold giant hardware and a McQueen large Novak. The Balenciaga is posted to the left and the McQueen is on the right. They're both black. Are the shapes of these bags too similar?

    Granted the McQueen has a more structured, "ladies who lunch" look that'll be great for fall. But is it too much like my Brief? TIA!
    DSCN1282.JPG DSCN1283.JPG
  2. Well, the shape is similar but the bags are different... Can you get either of them in different color? That way they are different enough
  3. I really think the bags are differant. I have a small Novak and have seen the large one. It's a structured bag, almost a frame where the other one is soft. The only thing that's the same is that they are both both black. I think your safe to keep both.

    Lucky you!! :wlae:
  4. Totally different vibe with each. One is casual and the other is dressier, IMO.
  5. I think the only thing they have in common is colour! To me, the shape, style, feel and look of them is distinct when carried with the Novak being more unusual in my view.
  6. I love those bags! Yes the are similar in shape but that's about it. I think what will make them look different is the way you wear them. The B bag will be great with casual clothes. Of course you can dress it up too. It's a soft and slouchy bag with lots of distinctive hardware that will set it apart from your Novak.
    The Novak is more sophisticated and classic (but I think it's still a little edgy).
  7. I think the B-bag carries the day imo. Definately the eye catcher and a major statement bag. Great casual, dessy and trendy.
  8. i really think the bags are diffrenet ,Balenciaga is more eveyday casual bag ,,, but the Novak is classy ,..

    I have the Novak bag in Red Python with golden HW its amazing !
  9. I think they're different enough to keep both, the Novak is so chic.
  10. I have to say that I like both very much. Chic as can be! If it were me, I wouldnt be able to justify keeping both, I would choose another color for one or the other. But if you can afford it, why not?:tup:
  11. No, I think they're deffinatly different bags. I looooove the shape of the Novak...and the Balenciaga is good for a casual, everyday bag, as everyone else has said.
  12. Thanks everyone for your input! I already "own" and use the B-bag, so it's a definite keeper.

    The McQueen was a recent acquisition and I started wondering if the bags were too similar in shape and color. Unfortunately, I can't get the McQueen in another color. But everyone's made some really good points.... They are different!
  13. I think they look completely different and both look very nice.