Opinions please...Mackage Alix!

  1. I have been eyeng this jacket and managed to snag it at 30% off in black ($460cdn):yahoo:

    what are your thoughts?
  2. I like it! Love the chunky sweater and leather (right? picture is kind of blurry) combination. Classic black coat with a twist. The long cuffs and big collar really makes it hip.
  3. OMG i LOVE mackage jackets!!!! i bought one a couple years ago for $600, it is white with rabbit fur strips. The arms were fabric which got a lil dirty so i took it to the dry cleaners and told them specifically to stay away from the leather and the fur just clean the fabric part but they cleaned the whole jacket and turned it GREY!!! i've never been so upset but after a while of hanging in my closet it slowly turned back to white.

    That jacket is awesome! i saw the one on blaec in brown and fell in love with that one too
  4. BEAUTIFUL...!! i have yet to receive mine but i'll post pics when i do!! :tup:
  5. Its cute!!
  6. Thanks...can't wait to see yours...
  7. I love Mackage and buy at least one piece from their collection every fall/winter season. The "ALIX" leather jacket is IMO their best style from this season, very different/unique from all the other leather jackets on the market YET it's still classic-looking (definitely not something trendy you'll want to toss after a year). I have this in both the Oatmeal gray color and this black. You'll get a lot of use out of this one!
  8. Such an amazingly hot jacket. A Mackage piece (or two!) is def on my wishlist this year. I am so jealous of your purchase!
  9. It looks nice! A bit blurry image, but seems to be a good looking jacket.
  10. I have this jacket in oatmeal and LOVE it. Yes, it was pricey (I got mine for $525USD from Saks), but it's worth every penny: super soft, amazing detailing and construction, very well-made, super warm, and it's definitely classic enough to be worn in the future but edgy enough to always turn heads. I ALWAYS get compliments on this jacket when I wear it out -- it just totally stands out for both its amazing quality as well as its unique mix of leather and fabric.

    And for that price, I would definitely get two!
  11. Ok that jacket is staying....it fits sooo nice I just couldn't let it go!
    I was sooo impressed with the quality when I got it....much better than expected.
  12. That jacket looks great on you!
  13. LOVE this!! Where can I find one on sale? :tender:
  14. I LOVE that jacket! I've only seen the oatmeal online and didn't know they made it in black. Anyone know where you can still get it in black?