Opinions Please...liz Claiborne

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  1. Hello ladies,
    What do you think of this bag? And of Liz Claiborne?

  2. I'm really glad you posted this; I think Liz is coming back in a big way in the bag business.. for awhile there, they were churning out cheap plastics and canvas..and in the last year I've seen some really nice affordable leather bags in Dillards...keeping my eye on Liz again.. I like the bag you posted..:tup:
  3. The leather on LC bags has been really nice lately. I've seen several styles at Marshall's and TJ Maxx, and they are very soft for the price.
  4. You are right on the money! I got the pix from Dillards website. This bag is only $178:yes:
  5. The bag looks very nice.
  6. I think now that Tim Gunn is going to be in charge of creative decisions (or something like that) at Liz Claiborne, we are going to be seeing more and more nice, quality things from this line.
  7. That does look like a nice bag but I am not a fan of Liz Claiborne at all. I have seen many of her bags and they just remind me of something grandma would carry. Sorry.....just my opinion....maybe they will get batter.
  8. i'm not usually a Liz fan, but the leather on that looks really nice!
  9. I like that bag and I don't usually like Liz at all. What other colors does it come in?
  10. I am glad to see they are using real, quality leather. That looks like a nice bag.
  11. I have owned Liz Claiborne bags in the past, and they held up very nicely. The new leather line is quite nice. The leather is very soft, and you don't often get that at that price point.
  12. I've been seeing some really nice looking LC bags at TJMaxx. Started to buy one then noticed it was LC and put it back. I know, I admit it...just couldn't do it. I did have one of her bags in high school...It had the yellow triangles all over it, LOL. What was I thinking?!

  13. So far the bone color is the only one I've seen on Dillards.com and on ebags.