opinions please: les clefs in black?

  1. I was considering getting the les clefs scarf in black but I hesitate. I've never had a black scarf before. Does anyone have any advice or opinions about this color and design? I would really apreciate the help.

    Also I love the red tassels but not sure if the keys will look good.
  2. If you are talking about the scarf, Les Cles by Cathy Latham, in a black colorway it is beautiful. The keys are gold and look fabulous against the black.
  3. The scarf is beautiful. The biggest mistake people make when wearing a black scarf is wearing it WITH too much black. Wear it with the other colors that are in the scarf ( red, gold, etc), not against a black sweater or top.
  4. Les Clefs is stunning. Wear it against white
  5. Thanks so much for the advice. I think I might go for it!
  6. Love black on an Hermes designed scarf.....in fact, all my scarves ( what few I have ) have some black on them and most have a black background. It's a wearable color and the Cles scarf is especially lovely.
  7. I don't have many black scarves, but do have a Black Keys, it is a "must have" for anyone's collection, classic Hermes at its best!
  8. I think there is nothing chicer than a black Hermes Scarf-wearing it against white is an excellent suggestion-or To Tie For tied on a black bag.....
  9. Wow! I don't know much about scarves. I have the black Les Cles on reserve. There were three scarves. A cobalt blue one with fish (so pretty I already got that one and will pick it up later this week), one with astrological signs, and the black Les Cles.

    Oh goody. I'm so glad you said that because I am waiting for a black Paris-Bombay. I'll try tying the scarf on the bag. Can't wait to get my new goodies!!!
    Thanks so much.
  10. I love them used as a belt. Great jeans, and a crisp white shirt...along with a wonderful bag, of course.
  11. Les Cles is a great design but cheapened by the number of crappy fakes, and of course in black & white

    For me, a design is "dead" once fakes abound :crybaby:
  12. Thanks for your candor marietouchet. I can't believe they are faking scarves. That is definitely something to consider.
  13. Please explain, marietouchet, what you mean by "of course in black & white"

    Are you saying that there are lots of crappy fakes of Les Cles in black & white? Or are you saying that Les Cles is a great design in black & white?