Opinions please..J12 with diamonds or Rolex?

  1. OK, after my last "poll" on the J12, I decided NOT to get the plain white J12....just not blingy enough for the price. What do you all think of a white J12 with diamond bezel (33 mm case)versus a Rolex midsize Yachtmaster(35 mm case)? I know, two TOTALLY different looks/styles, but I like them both and they are about the same price. Which one do you feel has more "staying power" as far as always being a classic. Thanks for all of your help. your advice really helps make it or break it!! :p :p :p
  2. Rolex, always a classic, always in style
  3. Rolex for sure. Chanel is not a watchmaker. You are paying a very high price for the label, when it is just an ordinary watch that is OEM by some other manufacturer. The same goes for any watches from LV, Gucci, etc. If you want to buy an expensive watch, please buy it from a known watchmaker.
  4. rolex...the "staying power"..let me cite u an example...

    I bght a rolex abt $8K (8 yrs back)..the same model...would set me back $13K now..it has appreciated ..

    Last August..I bght a rolex for $9K..(wanted to buy Chanel too..but my DH persuaded me to buy rolex instead...our anniversary present from him)...
  5. Absolutely the Rolex. :smile: I adore Chanel to pieces, but the J12's do nothing for me personally, and the "ice" bezel won't make it worth the $$, go for the Roley haha!
    Another testament to staying power - my mom has a gold rolex with diamond bezel, and she and my dad were able to get his and hers for $30,000 (cut a deal from $40000), and now just her's is around $23,000 and his is $35,000, so hit up the Rolex for sure!

  6. lol i was going to post something similar to your post, kristie! only, different style....diamond marker j12 vs. stainless steel rolex. i eventually choose the rolex. i absolutely love the look of the j12....but i think rolex will have more staying power.
  7. Rolex is really old looking to me. I love the design on the J12. Have you checked other watch brands? like chopard, cartier?
  8. That is a toss up, because like you said...two completely different watches. Both are hot though, so you can't go wrong.
  9. Since I'm not familiar with the Rolex you are talking about, I can't say about the style... but my comment was referring to Rolex v. Chanel in terms of watches and what is worth the money (the J 12 is ceramic, and you are paying much more for the Chanel name in that case which is fine if you love it :smile: )... and with respect to that, I would hands down pick a Rolex. I adore the Happy Sport like from Chopard (mine should be coming on Wednesday!), and you can't go wrong with a simple Cartier either, good luck choosing! :smile:
  10. I was thinking the same thing! Rolex will always be classic, but it is a bit on the old (stale) looking side (no offense to anyone who owns one)......but then I have 2 J12's, LOL!!!:roflmfao:

    Get what you prefer!!!
  11. I have a datejust SS rolex w/blue face and diamond markers. It's my everyday watch that I knock around. It looks very ordinary to me now and I never get compliments on it. When I want some punch I wear one of my J12's.:heart:
  12. I have the Rolex Lady Datejust with a 2ct diamond bezel. This Rolex is in stainless. I sold a Rolex Lady Datejust in stainless/18kt yellow gold with a 1ct bezel. I love my Rolex I have now, and for dressier occasions I wear it. BUT I have the 33mm J12 with 2+ct diamond bezel, and I love it the most. The J12 is made in a factory in Switzerland and the ceramic used in the J12 is only exceeded in hardness by diamonds. on the MOHS scale a diamond ranks 10 and ceramic ranks 9. Therefore diamonds are the only material used to work form and polish the every ceramic part for the J12 watch.
    The Rolex watch has a much longer history and track record than the J12, but the J12 has been a very strong seller since its debut in 2000.
    The Rolex is a great watch, but don't discard the J12 as inferior.
  13. Chose a Cartier as graduation gift over Rolex a few years ago and have regretted it since. Rolex increased in price way more than the Cartier. Am so glad finally received the Rolex as a wedding gift. I received a datejust in rose gold with grey pearl face and diamond markers. It's beautiful.. it will appreciate and so much more worth it in value.

    Rolex it is :smile:
  14. I have diamond markers as well as a diamond bezel I mentioned in my post on my Rolex. You are right, I look at watches ladies wear and so many times I see a Timex that is close in style to the Rolex Lady Datejust, without the diamond bezel.
    I never get compliments on the Rolex, but the J12 commands a LOT of attention.
  15. I LOVE the chanel watch so I vote that :smile: