Opinions please! - Ink Box or Ink First

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  1. I know I dont have the pick of any style I want in this color anymore, but if you were given a choice between a First or Box what would it be?:shrugs:
  2. What bags do you already own? As in do you have a First or a Box in another color?

    If not, do you carry a little or a lot? The Box holds two to three times more than the First style can.
  3. I would say Box because I carry more and the style is discontinued now.
  4. Ink First!!:yes: LOVE the shape of the First!!
  5. First
  6. I say the First!!!!!!
  7. Box because you can fit more than the first.
  8. If you want to fit more and have the bag sit up, then Box. I have an Ink Box and I love the boxy feel!
  9. Box! I just got one and I love it!!
  11. FIRST FIRST FIRST! its classique!
  12. Definitely First!!
  13. Box. I think its cuter personally.
  14. I don't care for the First, it's too small for me. So I would vote Box!
  15. I think the score for Ink First vs. Box in this case is about 50/50. I am leaning towards the Box as I like to fit more into my bag. Thank you girls. I'll post pics asap!