Opinions please...Griet or Tivoli?

  1. I usually spend my time on the balenciaga forum, but recently have been wanting more LV. So my question is would you purchase the Griet Monogram of Tivoli? I like them both for different reasons and am just not sure. What is your opinion? Thanks for any suggestions!
  2. I am a Tivoli fan, so I would choose that. The Griet is huge, doesn't have a zipper and is a more tailored/structured bag which Tivoli is not.
  3. I love both to be honest, but they are really different IMO. This is how I would break it down:
    -The Tivoli has less vachetta to worry about so that is a plus

    -The Griet is more of a statement piece, it demands attention which makes it very stunning

    -The Griet is quite heavy

    -Many people have been having quality control issues with their Tivolis. I purchased one for my mom and hers is fine but there is a thread that shows some of the problems people are facing.

    -I think the Griet is more unique in that less people will be carrying it as compared to the Tivoli.

    I hope this helped even though I didn't actually pick one! LOL!
  4. Thanks for the opinions...the Griet struck me when I first saw it. The Tivoli is really pretty too. I am also contemplating the damier trevi. So many choices :smile:
  5. :yes: Griet :woohoo:
  6. Well, I haven't seen the Griet IRL, but I do own the Tivoli GM & I LVOE it!
    No problems. Big, yes, but with lovely details... The pleading, the graceful shaping, the eye-catching zipper medallion, the brass buckles. It is a very classy look. The Griet looks too stiff for my tastes. Just my thoughts!
  7. Trevi!!!! .. if not, Tivoli GM!
  8. if you're going to get the griet, i'd suggest you get the mirage griet instead of the mono one. it may be heavy but it's such a gorgeous bag and definitely a head turner IMO.:smile:
  9. I have the Tivoli GM and highly recommend it!
  10. I found the Griet to heavy and stiff feeling, it almost felt clumsy to me. I have the trevi PM and the tivoli GM (they are almost the same size on the bottom). The tivoli is softer than the Trevi, the trevi strap is longer and easy to use with a winter coat. The problem is the tivoli was with the PM and really think the zipper opening and closing too close to the sides causes some of the problem people were talking about. (did she pm with the so called problem at Saks )
  11. Tivoli GM for me hands down. I adore my bag it fits on my shoulder nice without falling off, and it holds a ton. I havent had any problems with mine. And the only complaint I have with it is that it loses the look of the pleats after carrying it for a while.

    I looked at the Greit and it was so big, heavy, and cumbersome. That center strap thing drove me nuts after 2 minutes of looking at the bag. It was not for me.
  12. Tivoli. Love it!
  13. Griet :okay:
  14. Luv2BuyBags, I, too, have noticed that sometimes my Tivoli GM sort of "shape-shifts" and seems to lose its pleats, but I just press the ends (sides?) back down and it folds back into its correct shape. (Maybe I should start a thread on this? The Shape-Shifting Tivoli!:roflmfao:)
  15. I have the Tivoli but Griet is too pretty to pass out on. Tivoli would be your everyday-bag but if I have the money, Griet it is.