Opinions Please - GH Work or Brief?

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Opinions Please - GH Work or Brief?

  1. Work!

  2. Brief!

  3. Neither - get something else instead!

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  1. So I'm looking to purchase a GH bag and am having trouble deciding on a style...I think i want a larger bag than a city, because I'm very tall (about 5'11") and rather "fluffy," :blush: so i think a larger bag would be better. I think I've narowed it down between a work and a brief, but I'm definitely open to other suggestions! I find the brief shape a little more interesting, but in some photos, it looks really flat and triangular, where in others it looks gorgeously slouchy, so I'm a little confused. I'm also not sure whether the more North/south orientation of the brief would be more flattering for a larger person, or if the east/west rectangle work would look better. Also, for anyone who has owned both, which has the longer handle drop? I'm not sure I'd be able to get either over my shoulder, as I don't have skinny arms, but I'd like to know which is more comfortable. I've owned a PT before, and I am able to get those handles over my shoulder - is the drop on the work or brief similar?

    Thanks for the help - and if you don't mind, please let me know which one you prefer & why.
  2. I'm short, a little over 5' tall and own both the GH Work and GH Brief. My preference is the Brief. It's more flattering on me because I am thicker waisted with narrow hips. The Brief has a slightly longer shoulder drop than the Work too.

    That all said, the Work has longevity as it's a core style produced every season whereas the Brief has been discontinued and no longer in production.

    In regards to the slouch factor, some people push the top of their Brief and Work down so the bag looks more slouchy but I don't mess with mine at all.
  3. I voted for the work. I like the shape of the brief, it is interesting and different.. but i like the size of the work (i like big bags).. as far as your body type, i dont think that matters much. You can wear whatever you like, and im sure it will look just as good on a size 0. Just get whatever you want most..
  4. Thank you Roey & Coconess! too bad I can't afford both! :P

    Any opinions on whether the brief is too formal to be an everyday bag? I will be carrying some work items from time to time, but I am looking for a purse not a briefcase...is the brief too structured?
  5. The Brief is fine for an everyday bag. In fact, to me, it is more of a handbag than the Work. I know many people use the Work as a handbag, but for me, it works best as a briefcase and that is what I use it for. IMO the Brief is more versatile as you can definitely put work items in it, but it still looks like a handbag.
  6. i voted work but in all fairness, i've never really tried the brief on so it might look good on my "fluffy" shape as well.

    did you decide on a color? or is GH the color and i'm a total newbie? i wish it would rain balenciaga's then we can all have both too.
  7. YES, ITA! This is why I only buy Works in bright colors or dark colors with GGH. The darker colors with RH or SGH just look too boxy and formal for me.
  8. Thank you so much TMitch & Roey, that's super helpful info!
    Betty.lee, I haven't actually picked a color yet...I'm thinking black GGH, but then again, there are so many gorgeous Bal colors, and I already have a lot of neutrals. But I don't have a black, which is a total staple, and the GGH just pops. As you can see - I'm totally confused!
  9. Batgirl77, I shared your same hesitation - right up until the moment I pulled my brief out of the box. I'm totally in love with it - and yes, its slouch is absolutely to die for! I've always been a person who likes peculiar items that not everyone else has. In the last few years of being interested in Balenciaga, I've only seen one other person with a Brief while I've seen at least a half-dozen Work bags. Either way, I really don't think you can go wrong, but I sure do love my Brief.
  10. Thank you so much Baby Steffy - you've made me more confident about the brief now! What color is yours? I'd love to see pics!
  11. If I had to choose between the work and the brief, I'd choose the brief. I think it's more versatile as has already been said, more of a handbag than an office bag. But if you carry folders and a laptop regularly than the work is a more practical shape (easier to get big square items in and out of).

    I find the brief more flattering on me; I'm 5'9".

    As an alternative, have you considered a weekender? I prefer the WE to the work on me, it's more flattering and better proportioned on me. But it is a bigger bag, the brief would be easier to carry every day.
  12. Drati, thank you for the great advice! I hadn't considered the weekender before...I thought it was more of a travel bag.
    I think after all this great advice I'm leaning towards the brief, but I'm going to search the forum for some weekender pics! And more opinions & input are definitely welcome!
  13. I'm not sure about the brief, but as a fellow fluffy person (size 18) I can fit the GH work over my shoulder. It might not fit with a bulky coat, and it is not a great shoulder bag because it wasn't designed to be one, but it does fit.
  14. I have a Brief and it does look a bit flat sometimes, but I think this is because it is not totally broken in and I usually don't carry a lot in it (wallet, BlackBerry, LeSportSac makeup bag, lip balm, sunglasses case, sometimes a book or Moleskine planner, and keys). The handle drop on both bags are quite similar I think; they both fit over my shoulder but tend to fall off. I think after the handles have stretched and been worn in some they will fit more comfortably. I think you would be able to fit the most in a Work, or even a Weekender as drati suggested. I posted some pictures of me and my Brief in this thread if you are interested:

  15. Thank you Deedaa - I'm a size 18 muself, so that's super helpful to know that you can fit a work over your shoulder! I figured with a coat any bag without a shoulder strap would have to be a handheld/crook of the arm bag, but nice to know that if the weather ever warms up and I can lose the heavy coat, the handles might fit over my shoulder! Do you carry your work as your everyday bag, or just your work bag?

    Sarag505 - thank you for the link to your modeling pics! Your ruby brief is tDF, and doesn't look too flat to me, which is good, becasue i don't carry a ton of stuff either and I wouldn't want to have to load up my bag with junk just to make it hang nicely! And I absolutely love the pic of Nicky Hilton w/ her brief that you posted...that broken in shape is what I love!