Opinions please! From ebay to Bonanzle

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  1. Hi Gals! i'd really appreciate your opinins!
    well i've been an avid ebay buyer for a loooong time, and a month ago i decided to start selling. So i've discovered all the problems an ebay seller may find on his way everyday, i mean high fees and ebay limits (i totally understand i've to be limited cause at the moment i've a very low fb as a seller, but imho the limit should be only for the number of items you've sold not for the posted..) just to start. Reading some posts here on the pf i've discovered Bonanzle and i really need you to share your experiences as sellers on it, do you like it? is it working? Did you have smooth transactions on it? i'm really thinking to start my business there instead of on ebay but i'm scared not knowing it that is too much as a starter (i deeply know ebay at least from the buyer point of view:graucho:)
    Thank you all
  2. While sales may be a bit slower for newbies with no feedback, you may have more success on *bay. Buyers will feel more protected by *bay with a new seller than they would on Bonanzle, IMO.
  3. As a buyer and sometimes seller, ebay scares the snot out of me now. Maybe not so much ebay as PP. There are going to be great transactions at either place. At least on bonanzle, PP will not likely tell a buyer to destroy an authentic item that costs several hundred $$$.
  4. I normally buy and sell on both and love bonanzle! Alot of forum members sell and buy there and thats why I love it.
  5. I haven't sold much on eBay (in fact, I've just recently listed my first purse), and I've only been selling on Bonanzle for a little more than a week now (i.e. I haven't sold anything yet, just had some purses listed). It's been pretty slow on Bonanzle, since it's not auction-style like eBay.

    While I like the interface/listing style of Bonanzle better than eBay, I will say that I do get weary when I get offers from users who have no feedback at all, or just imported feedback - but that can't really be helped, since I'm also that kind of user. I would rather sell items on Bonanzle, though, because their listing fees aren't as high as eBay's, and I'll just hope that I won't get scammed =\

    Like I said earlier, business is quite slow on Bonanzle. I know I've only been listing for a a week, but I haven't had an concrete offers yet. One or two buyers have show interest, but then they flake out and don't respond or tell me they found the item elsewhere. I'm going to give my bags on Bonanzle awhile before I lower any prices, but I would just advise you to be very clear in your description of the item and be prepared to receive ridiculous offers if you choose to offer "OBO" next to your list price.
  6. I would try both Bonanzle and Ebay and see how it goes.

    Your items may be priced right and sell .

    Ebay does has many issues that are not so appealing for new sellers,

    but we all have to start somewhere.

    Good lucka nd let us know how you do.
  7. Thanks everybobody! Your advices Are so usefull for me. The fAct is that i've started my little business a few more than a month ago on ebay and i' ve posted 6 auction. Only 1 thing was sold. I totally understand i've 0 fb as seller and ebay has to protect buyers ( i'm a buyer too) expecially when we're talking about branded and expensive items and i know that i've to' build my reputation so i've to' be limited but if i have to' wait 30 days even if i'm not lucky with my auction, well it'll took a long time since i'll be considered a trusted seller. So i'm looking for another place to start my activity as a seller or at least separate it between both. Thank you all
    (sorry for my english)
  8. I've sold a lot of items on ebay and this year also opened a booth on Bonanzle. I've sold at least half a dozen items through Bonanzle, all to great gals. Less nonsense and less ridiculous offers on Bonanzle. If I could sell consistently on Bonanzle I'd leave ebay. Unfortunately, the traffic is still all on ebay. Bonanzle is free to join and list so it can't hurt to join Bonanzle!