Opinions please! Do I NEED the Geranium Hawaii Satchel?

  1. One of the eBay sellers I buy from alot has received her Geranium Hawaii Satchel and emailed me to let me know she is thinking of selling it, she offered it to me first.

    Is it a MUST have? Or should I get it because it was limited? I like the color a lot, but I'm on the fence about it.

    I have to let her know by Tuesday. Do any of you girls have it? Do you love it?
  2. I don't think you should get it just because it's limited. If you aren't going to wear it and it's just going to sit around in a dustbag in your closet, it seems kind of pointless to have it. In my opinion, you'd be better off spending the money on something you'd use.

    However, if you like the bag and if you think you'd use it, absolutely get it! You may not get another opportunity to get one. :yes:
  3. It didn't look like the pictures when I got it and it bothers me that the bottom caves in when stuff is put in it, but I love the legacy lining and I know it will be a hard color to find.

    I agree with Mokoni. Buy it if you really like it.
  4. If you like it, buy it.
  5. I bought it for PCE and love it! It's pebbled leather and very flexible so if sagging bothers you, you might not like it. Also, some people find it difficult to get in and out of. I've found that if I just use the zipper, I can get in and out of it easily without having to undo the clasp. I can also wear it on my shoulder comfortably. Finally, it's heavy - even empty. I wouldn't buy it unless you thought you'd really get some use from it.
  6. I own it, and am also on the fence about it.

    What they said is true, the color is not like the original eBay picture we were all looking at. It isn't nearly as vibrant. It almost looks pastel, or washed out in a way.

    Also, the leather is not the standard Legacy vintage type leather, it's a very soft pebbled kind. Because of that, the bag doesn't seem to hold it's shape very well. I haven't even used mine yet and I could tell that. The top caved in a bit just from the leavy hardware strap over the top.

    It's shape seems kind of odd to me as well. Very rectangular, and with it caving in like it does I don't know if it looks as good as the other Legacy satchels.

    I'm like you, I will want to buy something just because it's rare. I feel like it would be cool to have a collector's item, especially Coach. That being said, I've had the bag for over a month, maybe even closer to two months, and I haven't used it once. Like another said, it's just been sitting in my closet in a dustbag. I hesitate to return it because of it's rarity, but I don't know when there will be a time I will use it either, especially when I have a lot of other bags that I do love and will use.

    If you've seen the pictures some of us have taken of our bags, and you like the color, and you think you'll use the bag, then I would buy it. If you're on the fence and only want it because it's rare, then I wouldn't get it. If I'd seen the true color of the bag before buying it, even though it's rare, I wouldn't have.
  7. I have the satchel. To me it was a remembrance of my first trip to Hawaii. I don't particularly love the shape. I didn't love the price but I believe that it is a great collection piece for me. I have carried it twice and might carry it more after the summer when I hate carrying heavy bags in the 90 degree heat. It is a beautiful bag. The pebbled leather is so different and the color is beautiful and something that Coach probably will not do again for a while.
  8. Thanks girls! I think I'm wanting it more because its limited and not because I WANT it.

    hmmm, guess I will think more on it this weekend.

    decisions, decisions!
  9. pics? I want to see.
  10. I wouldn't buy it just because it's a limited piece. I thought about buying it, but I stopped myself when I realized that I was going to spend the money and then rarely (if ever) use it because I really don't care for the color or shape (personally) and just wanted it because it was a special edition. I'd rather spend that much money on a piece that I will wear constantly and adore. So...if you love it for it, then buy it. If not, if you want it just because it is limited, then maybe you should keep the money for a bag that you adore in the future.
  11. yes any pics?
  12. Coach will always introduce more limited bags, so if you aren't sure, save your money for a limited one that you just KNOW you have to have.

    I think it's a pretty bag but I hear they are soo heavy, and that would be a problem for me. Good luck!
  13. This is mine just as it arrived.


  14. I have this problem where I didn't like the geranium before. Now that I've seen them a bit, I'm in :heart:.

    I think the limited edition part is really making me want it even more, but I also really want it in pond since pond is my color.

    I think these will, on occasion, pop up on eBay. I'm also not a huge pebbled leather person so I keep telling myself I don't want/need it.
  15. Oh Donna! Buy it if you love it!

    I have it, along with the pond & whiskey satchels. The Geranium carries differently than the vintage leather bags. All of them are weighty, but the Geranium is made of the soft pebbled leather and will sag into itself more than the vintage leathers.

    I change my bags daily, but I always enjoy wearing my Geranium. I don't want a museum bag that just sits on the shelf, she must be willing to go out! So only buy it if you're going to use it!