Opinions PLEASE - Damier Tote

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  1. Loving my Damier Trevi and all the wonderful help you all provided while I was searching. Now hoping you will all help in my search for a tote. Here are my top contenders so far and those that I really think are not an option:

    YESES - so far...

    NOs so far...
    Saleya - really think the straps are too short for what I am after
    Neverfull - sorry, I know many many love this style, just not a fit for me

    The suede lining is really a draw for me, so I would prefer a bag with it

  2. I have the Westminster GM and LVoe it, its one of my favorite bags..very comfortable to wear and love the detailing on it...
  3. Thank you - going to start searching on those, the Westminster was a top pic
  4. What about the Marylebone?
  5. I was about to suggest that, lol!

    And the new totally, too.
  6. That is a gorgeous bag! The detail on the bottom talks to me and the inside is amazing.
    Now my only reservation.... I am, um, not a little girl so sometimes shoulder straps that work for those that are not shopping in the plus size markets just don't work for me. This is really hard for me to share but it's a big purchase, so I'm being brutally honest. Any thoughts here?
  7. I agree, the marylebone does fit a little snugly under the arm. :smile:. Have you ever considered the Totally? It is similar to the Westminster plus it comes with 2 handy exterior pockets and has a lovely red textile interior. The downside is some folks ( not me!) think it looks like a diaper bag.
  8. How about the Belmont? I love the Nomade leather versus the glazed leather and the lining is burgundy microfiber.

    BTW - I love your Godard avatar!
  9. Totally does have it's perks and those side pockets would be great for me. It's just not calling my name.
    I just showed DH a pic of the Manosque and he says it looks like an upside down pirate hat - OMG, why do I bother - grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  10. +1
    I love the nomade leather on Damier ebene too.
    What about the greenwich tote? :smile:
  11. Belmont is stunning
    Greenwich is stunning also but too much tote for what I want to use it for.

    I am looking for a weekend bag when I am running errands that everything and anything will be thrown into it but I know I will be lining up the wallet and accessories like little shoulders. That's why I am leaning towards a hard bottom bag.

    TY on the comment on the Godard - that little olive is gonna be a tattoo one day - She's so cute!
  12. Belmont is underrated, and is gorgeous irl. I would only buy de with nomade leather or minimal glazed leather.

  13. How about Totally in Damier print? I love my portobello, but i know it is not a tote.
  14. I second the vote for Westminster GM, however the Totally MM in DE might better suit your stated needs. Totally's shoulder straps are longer and are more comfortable out of the box than Westie's - although Westie's straps break in nicely, IMO.
    Westie GM and Totally MM have the same interior layout, if I recall correctly.
    Totally is so soft and comfy overall, and would be an excellent weekend bag - if you come to love her, of course.
    If you prefer a sturdier bottom, how about a base shaper in the Totally?
    Good luck and have fun deciding!
  15. I vote totally DE. I love mine. So comfortable on my shoulder. Worry free, i can wear in all weather. I used mine everyday to work for more than 2 month, still like new and i loooveee it even more. Good luck on deciding..