Opinions PLEASE!! Corinna Jet Setter Jr v Hayden Harnett Satchel

  1. Wd'ya think? I saw a girl on the train last week w/an Anna Corinna bag & the leather reminded me alot of a Balenciaga (altho I KNOW it's not nearly as nice!) - thin, lightweight, smushy, & crinkly - Ever since, I can't get the bag outta my mind! I was all set to order a Jet Setter Jr bag in Tobacco today, until..... I learned about Hayden Harnett bags - Now I'm thinking a "Tri-Strap Satchel"

    I know the leather on the two are very different, as are the styles - but what I wonder about is the overall craftmanship - Which one will still look nice (or even better) 6 mos, 1 yr or 2 yrs down the road, and which is better made?

    Other than very quickly on the train last week, I've never seen either bag in person (I don't think anyone around her even carrieed Harnett bags), so I can't go & look before I buy. Also, I have a large collection of MJ bags, as well as a couple of Balenciagas, a Chloe Paddy and a few IF bags, so will either one of these be a HUGE letdown compared to any of those? (Im budgeting right now, and want a new bag w/o breaking the bank!)

    Any help and/or opinions would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks! :smile:
  2. I know what you mean! I've been eyeing the triple strap satchel in vachetta even though I own A.C. mini city tote in butterscotch! I've never seen the HH in person so the attraction is not from personal experience. BUT I have to say, I LOVE my A.C. mini city!!!! I can wear it with the double handles on my shoulder, crook of arm, hand, and the strap on my shoulder. I fling it around without care. It's light as a feather!! Although I have 2 Marc Jacobs, and have had a few M by MJ, I can honestly say that I can't remember ever having a bag that I've enjoyed as much as the A.C. I would admit that it's probably not rational but I'M IN LOVE WITH A HANDBAG!!! Good luck on your decision!!
  3. I love the HH satchel, so that's my pick!
  4. which satchel do you own? the triple-strap, or regular? The regular satchel (w/the three openings) seems a little on the small side (for me anyways) - I'm looking the triple-strap satchel. One thing I wonder about the tri-strap - - I've seen pics on several websites and in some of them, the woven handles seem to stick out on the sides. Is it really like this, or can the handles be "bend" easily so that they don't stick straight out to sides? (when I first saw that bag, I didn't like it cuz it looked like there were 2 chopstix sitting on top of the bag! On another website, those same handles were more curved, so that they didn't stick out & it looked much nicer)

    How much room is there inside compared to a Paddington?
  5. Another thing I wonder....how does the leather on the HH compare to say, a Botkier or Gustto? I know the leather is supposedly really soft, but is it as soft as those bags? How about durability?
  6. I would go for a HH! HH leather is fabulous! I own two of them, as well as one each of botkier and gustto, and I'd say it's comparable to the gustto. The leather is thick like the gustto, and just as smooshy.

    Also I'm from Chicago too, and I know that they have AC bags at Active Endeavors, and HH bags at Bess & Loie, so if you want, you can see the bags IRL.
  7. I know AE well (I was so disappointed when they closed the DT store!), but I've never heard of Bess & Loie. Where is that?
  8. I recently received the HH triple strap satchel in vachetta. I love this bag. Now to answer your questions. I've also seen the pics with the handles sticking out like chopsticks, IRL it's nothing like that, it's normal and curved like on the HH website. I have no idea how the roominess compare to the Paddy, but it's about the same as a Bal city, I would say. The leather on this bag is not smooshy. I find it very hard to explain, but there's something a little "rough" about the leather and it's a little structured, but not stiff.It seems like it will be able to take some abuse. Anyway, it's a great bag, my current favorite.
  9. Oh forgot to add the handles fit comfortably over the shoulder, even with a jacket. Nice surprise to me.
  10. Thanks for clearing up the strap thing (that was kinda bugging me!). You say the leather is not smushy, but I wonder if that's the right word to use. When asked, someone above said it was similar to the leather on Gustto bags, which I find to be buttery soft and which I would describe as smushy - maybe you're defining smushy as the kind of leather on a Balenciaga or something like that? Becuz I've heard it described as "worn" I tend to think it would be a softer leather, or broken in.

    I also wondered, what kind of lining does HH use? I've never seen the inside of an HH bag. Is it canvas? cotton? a solid color? a print? And is it durable?

    Thanks again - you've been a lot of help. I think I'm leaning towards the HH (in Turquoise Blue!)
  11. Just went to check the lining. It's think sturdy cotton, a light olive green with small logo print, very neutral. Oh, and it's tacked down. I have a Gussto too and just compared the leather. It's not as buttery as the Gussto. And yes, I would also descibe the Gussto leather as smushy. I think HH uses different leather for different bags. It's like a stiff, structured bag that has been worn in. Hope I'm not confusing you. I say go ahead and order, if you don't like it, you can always return.