Opinions please... cambon bowler

  1. Hi ladies!

    I am new here and I am in serious need of help in trying to decide my first chanel. I've been hunting for a cambon bowler. I was so sad to hear that they were discontinued, but I actually found one at Nordstrom. It's the black w/patent cc however; I originally wanted the black w/white cc or the all black. And so I found an all black on eBay which is clean and authentic so I dunno what to do... or should I just wait and keep checking eBay for an authentic black w/white cc to show up? awwwww i dunno- :confused1:
  2. I have the cambon bowler in black with the white cc's. I love the bag itself no matter what color. Its functional and durable. Any version is worth it, esp with it being discontinued.
  3. I agree. I had really, really wanted the black with white CC's, but what I was able to get was the black with black patent logo and I LOVE it! After I started using it, I realized that I like the more understated patent black logo (over the white logo). I say go for it (whichever one you decide). For me, I'd go for the new bag over the eBay bag ... but just because I like to know I'm the first and only owner of a bag. :smile:
  4. Actually, Cambon bowlers weren't discontinued, just the color combo you want. Maybe you knew this, just didn't wnt to assume you did if you didn't know though :biggrin:
    You can can a black/black new at NM still:yes:
    If you want black/white, eBay is likely your only option.
  5. I have the cambon bowler with white cc and I wish i bought it with the patent cc's as I think it looks more classic and suttle. I wanted the bag for years and when I finally got it- I dont even use it! I would advise for you to buy it new from the shop in black or patent. Good luck with your decision x

  6. Thanks for all your thoughts and perspectives! I really appreciate it! It is definitely helping me make this decision. Swanky Mama... I actually went to my local NM and asked them about the black/black bowler and they said they were all sold out. The SA actually told me all NM across the nation were sold out. So I dunno... should I go back to ask another SA?
  7. hmmm, NM is where I saw them last. It was only 2 weeks ago, but it's possible they sold out since then. You can call mine if you want and ask them to do a computer search
    {877}634.6265, ask for handbags and then ask for Shannon, if she's already on maternity leave anyone else can help.
  8. thanks swanky mama I'll try giving your SA a call!

    I still can't get over the black with white CC's .... jeezz... i dunno:confused1:
  9. for what it's worth, that's the most counterfeited combo:yes:

  10. Oh that's so true... never thought of it that way! thx a bunch Swanky Mama!!!:yes:
  11. I happen to love the patent logo! I have it in the wallet style and think it is striking. But, better to find what your heart is set on versus settle for second best.
  12. ^me too!