Opinions Please...botkier Medium In Chocolate/bella Clutch In Navy

  1. Hey guys! Ummm, technically I'm on a purse ban since I have bought like 3 bags in the last 2 weeks and 4 for the year, but I decided to make one last purchase until fall. Both choices are from the Botkier Bianca line. One is the Bianca Medium Satchel in Chocolate at $595. The other is the Bianca Bella Clutch in Navy at $445. Price is not an issue. I was down to navy and chocolate because those are two colors in handbags I am lacking in. I have no navy bags, but a Christian Dior shoulder bag in white, a Chloe Paddington Satchel in sand, a LV Murakami Cherry Pochette, a Prada pochette in chocolate brown, and a LV messenger bag that I use when wearing navy, white, brown, etc. I have tons of others, but we are just talking about this color palette. LOL

    Also, the size of the bag is not a big deal either as I carry clutches to huge bags whether it's day/evening. I'm a third year medical student doing rotations so I don't always take my purse into work for risk of getting things stolen and/or given a hard time for my designer things. But, I do use my bags all the time, especially on weekends and just running around in general.

    So, which one would you choose? I'm leaning toward the chocolate, but would love to hear what you all think! Thanks! ;)

    Botkier Bianca Medium Satchel Chocolate.jpg Botkier Bianca Bella Clutch Navy.jpg
  2. Nobody??? I know it's a holiday, but come on I know there are lurkers. LOL
  3. Go for the chocolate Bianca! I love that bag. Good luck with your third year; I'm about to start 2nd year!
  4. What if you found out that the 1st one was suddenly not available and would never be available again for purchase. How would you feel?
  5. I saw the new chocolate color and it was really tempting IRL. I probably would have bought it if I didn't already have a bianca. I love it much more with the silver hardware that's out now than the gold that was out a few seasons ago.

    Personally I would be tempted by the navy bag if you have a lot of clothing that would be complimented by navy because you have other bags in the brown family. So IMO it really depends on how much you have that would work with it. I would try to check it out IRL because I've heard that the midnight color (which I'm assuming you are referencing) isn't a real navy. I haven't come across that color yet so I can't comment but it looks great in photos.
  6. I also wanted to ask- is that you in your avatar? If so, you are GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And, congrats on med school!!! You go girl!!!!!!!!! :yahoo:
  7. Thanks for answering! I actually started rotations at the end of January, so I'm quite a ways in. I did my basic sciences in London, England so that's why my "timing" is off per se compared to a regular US med school. Second year is tough, but you will enjoy it much more than 1st I think...well as much as you can! LOL :yes:
  8. LOL, point well taken. I would be pretty peeved.

    Awww, thank you so much! Yes, that is me in my avatar. It was one of the few pics I could find where both of my eyes were fully open because it was before alcohol intake. LOL Usually the camera only gets taken out in social settings.
  9. Yeah it says navy on the ActiveEndeavors site and it looks really dark when I enlarge it. It's really cute, but now I'm thinking it is too small for daytime practical purposes the more I look at it. I saw the navy on Blue Bee, but they are very stingy with their promo codes. LOL

    What all could you put in your Bianca clutch? I have a PDA, LG Chocolate, powder, chapstick, a medium wallet or a MJ coin purse, and gum that are necessities for everyday running around. That all won't fit in there will it? LOL
  10. Saks.com has the clutches on sale, i just bought one in gunmetal for $207. i used the code freeship for free shipping.

    i think it's a small bag, one that i intend on using those rare nights i go out.
  11. Thank you all for responding by the way! I'm on call so this is what I end up doing when there are no patients to be seen...I SHOP since I can't do this: :drinkup: LOL
  12. I know I saw them last week and just yesterday again, but I just bought a Chloe Mini Paddington Clutch in black from Neiman's, and I have the other pochettes I mentioned and a few small Gucci bags I use for the evenings. Man, it's a good thing my dad doesn't know there is such a thing as The Purse Forum, because he would seriously freak if he ever saw my handbag collection. LOL He already calls me Imelda Marcos because of my shoes.

    I was just contemplating this clutch because it was navy. Cute navy/midnight bags are hard to come by!!!

    You got an amazing deal though! If I hadn't already bought the other one, I would have definitely snatched that gunmetal one up. Did you already get it?
  13. I love my Bella clutch...it holds alot for me. I can even fit my big wallet in it. I love the 3 compartments too. HTH :smile:
  14. I would go with the chocolate for sure!
  15. Thanks. I ended up buying the chocolate in the medium size a couple of hours ago. I figure if I want the navy one, I can buy it at a later date. I think ZoeyZoo was right, and I should wait to see what it looks like IRL. :yes: