Opinions Please! Bat Horiz as a Laptop Bag/Purse for Work?

  1. Does anyone use their bag this way? Is there enough room for the laptop/AC cord/mouse, and sunnies, wallet, phone, pochette, keys w/cles, gum, snack? Is the bag structured enough where the laptop doesn't fall over or make the whole bag fall over? Is it comfortable to carry?

    Thanks in advance! bt
  2. I dont own one. But i think it would be great for all the items above.
  3. I don't have one either, but I agree! I think it would be a great bag!
  4. I own the bag, and I think it would be perfect for all of that. I use my BH during the week because it holds my planner and all the other stuff I have to carry around. You will love this bag!