Opinions Please..Alyona or East West Mix Quilted Tote?

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  1. Hi everyone,
    As my quest for that mouse grey Alyona which I totally missed out on in the sales seems near like impossible, I am actually liking the look of the grey MJ East West Mix quilt tote. Although at the time, pre-sale season, when I tried the two in my local Dept store, I leaned more towards the Alyona, for various reasons, namingly the price pre-sale was slightly less than the E/W mix quilt tote, and the fact that I always liked the full MJ quilted leather effect, but I did like the chain handles of the E/W mix tote and the shape. I already have a MJ Stam Hobo in black with full quilted leather and detachable chain, should I opt for a different look with the E/W mix quilt tote or should I wait out for an Alyona? cONFUSED!! Should I go for it on sale or should I hold out and hope for a grey alyona to surface somewhere? Visual aid below in the following links
  2. Anyone?!!
  3. Personally, I prefer the E/W Mix Quilted Tote. The leather is amazing!! It would probably be a lot easier to carry too. However, they were very popular during the sales so you might have trouble finding one. Good luck with your decision!
  4. I like both bags in grey, but I think I like the Mixed quilted in this case. Since you already have a fully quilted stam hobo, the Alyona looks very similar. The mixed leather in the Mixed quilted tote look really fresh, and the chain detail on the handles makes the bag look a bit more sophisticated. I view the Alyona as a version on the stam, more like her casual lil sis. I guess it all depends on what you're looking for. But my vote is for the Mixed quilted tote!
  5. Thanks you guys. I have managed to locate one boutique online that has it for sale over here in england and I'm going to place the order. At least that way if I did change my mind and wait for the Alyona I could still get my money back. Any other opinions are still appreciated, I think I'll keep a tally of how many of you guys say yay to the E/W mix quilt or yay to the Alyona
  6. i have the mix quilted tote and the alyona. the tote is one of my favorite bags. both are beautiful and they share similar qualities, but like melly said, the leather of the tote is so smooth and soft. the design is classic. i can see myself using this bag for years. something else to consider is that the alyona is heavier than the mix quilted, so i don't use it much.

    if you already have the stam then perhaps you should get something different. when i got the alyona, my boyfriend was baffled. he thought it was basically like the stam. while i didn't agree with him at first, i can see where he is coming from now that the "new bag aura" has worn off.
  7. Love the Alyona!
  8. I think they are both really pretty but I prefer the Alonya.
  9. i prefer the mix quilted tote. it's very classy looking! i tried the alyona on and found it very chunky. hope this helps !
  10. They're both have very similar shapes & interiors - - I really like the Alyona and having the option of carrying the bag on your arm with the handles or the shoulder w/the chain strap. Altho I know some people carry the Mixed Quilt Tote on their shoulder, I think the drop is much shorter and it may not fit over a heavier coat (if you live in a colder climate). Altho I do love the leather of the Mixed Quilt line - everytime I'm at Nordstroms, I just "play" w/the leather! It's so soft and squishy - unlike the leather of any other MJ bag.

    I guess if you carry your bags on your arm, I would say the Mixed Quilt since it's so unlike any other MJ bag, but if you need to carry the bag on your shoulder, I'd go w/the Alyona since you have the option of either strap.
  11. Thanks you guys, have placed an order for the mix quilted tote and got a reply back from another tPFer regarding a place in the UK that she spotted alyonas on sale to check my luck out, we'll just see..iluvmybags, I never figured the mix quilt tote wouldn't be suitable as a shoulder bag as I prefer having shoulder bags, that can also look good carried on my arm, cos of having to push a buggy around. Having said that I have never used the chain strap on my stam hobo on my shoulder cos I found it really heavy and uncomfortable the one time I did try it :sad: and so presumed the same for the alyona, in which case I was hoping that the straps on the alyona would be accessible enough to be worn on the odd instances over my shoulder as it is definitely more of an arm carry bag..but keep those opinions rolling as it doesn't stop there, I still need to see if I like the east west mix quilt tote enough to keep it when I do get it..oh why am I so fickle?!! :s wished I was one of those people who absoloutely knew what they wanted without hesitation
  12. Don't worry, you should have no problem at all fitting the E/W Mix Quilted Tote over your shoulder. Depending on your size you should be able to fit it over a coat as well. I hope you post pictures of your new beauty when she arrives!
  13. Great choice! I think that the Alyona is very similar to the Stam that you already own. I love the Mix Quilted Tote...esp. in the mouse!
    Post pics when it comes in!!
  14. I think you made a great choice with the E/W Quilted Tote! Keep us posted on when she arrives!