Opinions please.....again

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  1. I really love the super dark blue almost navy like in both Chamonix and Box. It is very sophisticated and would add a different tone to your wardrobe. Barring that I think you would look great in Rouge H.

    Here is a twist, what about OLIVE? It would go well with muted colors and be different too.
  2. I vote for rouge H in chevre or chamonix! I think it adds a bit color but not too bright. Rouge H box I think might be too dark.
  3. I think rouge h is gorgeous color.. you should definitely consider it Shopmom!!
  4. ^^^ROUGE H!! Great POP of color!!:heart:
  5. I could DEFINITELY see you in rouge h, shopmom! I think it would be perfect for you in any leather!
  6. shopmom, I like to add bits of color too....but I do so with my bracelets, twillys, etc. I know that's not what you asked for....but....I'd rather go bright with my smaller accessories and use my handbags and clothing as a backdrop.

    That said, I do have the Kelly in Thalassa and in Rouge H but other than gold togo, that's about as bright as I go in handbags. My very colorful additions come with my smaller pieces.
  7. Definitely Rouge H! That color is so classic, some others say Box leather, I totally agree with this combo.
  8. Shopmom, how about potiron or orange in chevre? thats a nice pop of color too altho I also think rouge VIF or H in box or chevre is gorgeous esp for evenings!! When I was last at H, I was eyeing the large amts of plume elans they had and was totally falling in love w/ them. If I didn't make off w/ my Birkin, def. a plume elan either in potiron or rouge H of vif!!!

  9. Susi....we are very similar in this way. I like to add the color in my scarves, gloves (red) and jewelery.

    I like the idea of navy/dark blue perhaps. Definately Chamonix but I have a feeling that'll be difficult off the shelf I'm thinking. Hmmmmmm....thank you, ladies. It's fun to think about all the options!!!!
  10. How about raisin box?
    I really see you with raisin......
  11. Since you already have the Rouge H Kelly, I vote for Potiron, Raisin or Indigo!
    All in box, except Potiron. I'd try for Chevre!
  12. I think potiron would be an excellent choice in swift. You can get potiron in swift, right?:shame: Swift has such a nice shimmer to it so it would be nice in an evening type bag, and it takes color so well too!
  13. Ever since I saw violette, I love that color. Raisin or violette in Box or swift??? -:drool: :drool: :drool:
  14. RAISIN BOX!!

    I went back to FSH six times to fondle a raisin box plume - it was really something else. Subtle, but oh so elegant. And an amazingly neutral color that went with everything I had on each time I came for a visit.
  15. This^ :yes: