Opinions please.....again


Resistance is Futile
Apr 8, 2006
So, in a bit of boredom yesterday I took out all my bags and here's the thing. The blacks and the browns are running neck in neck here. Not that I don't like black and brown.....I do......I really, really do. LOVE them in fact. BUT........maybe I'm ready for oh....a little.......color. Just a touch.

The bag that's still on my wish list (for 2007 please.....late 2007) is the Plume Elan GM. NOT the 20cm. The Plume Elan GM is the one that's more long than tall. So, since the only thing I'm sure of is that I don't want it in Epson I thought I'd ask your opinion on color/leather combos. THIS way, when the bag presents itself and it might be in some part of the country where I can't get to the store to see it IRL, I'll know if I want it or not. KWIM?

I think I'd mostly use it for luncheons or evenings out.....nothing too fancy so forget exotics.....

What do you think?

How about etoupe? You seem to wear black, brown, ivory and that would work. You just got gold...do you have any red? I don't see you in green and you prev said you don't like bluejean.
I think it sounds lovely...I am also quite interested in the medium PB for those types of locations/events (I suppose that means I really do not need the JPG kelly clutch as the plume elan or medium PB would be so much more useable/practical for me)...

In terms of leather...I am starting to "get" the leather/color variation issue. I now know I love rouge h in chevre, but not so much in togo (for me...still like the color, but love the shade in chevre for some reason)...

LOL...for the locations/occasions mentioned I would go with black or a dark, rich neutral (brown)... I would want the bag to work for me given the location/event...I would not see this bag as something I wanted to work around (e.g. color I would have to think about...would impact what I could wear with it...would limit actual wearability for me)...
I think Rouge H in Box, Chevre or Vache Liagee would be lovely, although Rouge H in Vache Liagee is definitely on the darker side--not as red. Rouge H would be a perfect foray into color--very subtle, very classic.
Hey Ninja that's like MY plume lol!!!^^^^ Anyway, well shopmom you know what rouge h looks like...is that the color? Or one of the darker greens?? Etoupe is very nice as I did see that one...you don't like the blues??
I don't know Shoes.....I think for Blue I'd really have to see it, KWIM? This bag is really for evenings, low-key special events. I don't really dress much differently in the evenings than I do during the day unless it's something really special and then I'd break out my black Chamonix Kelly Elan for that or a little antique velvet or beaded bag. So, I think blue is out of the running....I adore your Plume, Shoes and if that baby was an Elan GM I would have tackled you for it!!!!