Opinions please: 06 Truffle Purse vs 07 Sandstone RH Work vs 08 Saddle RH PT

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  1. I am looking for a brown/neutral bag for work and am undecided on which shade of brown and style. I like GGH on brown bags, but as it is primarily for work, I would rather be subtle and stick with RH. I've been trawling the reference and clubhouse threads for ages. I would appreciate some help, please.

    My requirements:
    - Not much red or orange in the brown ie. not too warm as I look best in cool colours.
    - Interesting and not a dull flat brown
    - Nice leather

    My choices are:

    06 Truffle Purse - I've never seen this style IRL. As it is a flat bag, would it look weird when stuffed?

    07 Sandstone Work - I love the Sandstone with GGH so is it a waste if I got the RH?

    08 Saddle PT - I'm not sure what this colour is like IRL. I like it in certain pics but not so much on others.

    09 Charbon PT - Is this really dark? I would prefer that it not be too close to black.

    09 Autumn PT - from pics may be too warm?

    I know, there are quite a few choices here. Clearly, I haven't got a clue! Thanks in advance!
  2. My vote would be Sandstone--I think that lighter bags like that look great with RH. I've not seeon one IRL, so I can't speak to warm undertones.

    Also, I have a charbon (08), and it's gorgeous--rich, brown color (definitely not black, but a dark, deep brown).

    Good luck (and have fun) making your decision!
  3. 07 Sandstone Work :tup:
  4. I would go for a sandstone work, also if it's lighter and maybe a bit more delicate than other browns.
    Saddle looks pretty warm to me.
    Also truffle is not bad, also because the purse style is extremely comfy on the shoulder (they say: I don't have one). In any case, good luck on your hunt!
  5. truffle purse!!! a discontinued style, beautiful color...i vote purse :tup:
  6. Sandstone work!
  7. My vote goes to the 09 Autumne PT. I LOVE the style as the work is too deep for my taste. I like sandstone, but highly prefer it with GGH. So I would wait until she came around!

    You could always get both :nuts: **enabler enabler enabler**
  8. hi saff, i think 09 Autumn WORK will be a great bag for work, and i just saw your anthra work, it looks really great!!!
  9. I'd pick the sandstone work or a charbon bag. I own a truffle and for me the color is just meh.
  10. Agree with ahertz, Sandstone or Charbon, based on the preferences that you listed. I'd say Charbon would be very stylish for work! If you're not so much into reddish browns, you probably should stay away from Automne and Saddle.
  11. Sandstone work! :heart:
  12. Thanks, ladies! I always appreciate your input!

    Meganka, thanks so much!

    , that's very helpful info about staying away from Automne and Saddle as there's red in them. Helps me to narrow down my choices.

    ahertz, I've seen the truffle IRL and although I like that it's brown brown, it had a vintagey feel which I like more for casual wear.

    I think I'm leaning towards Sandstone and Charbon now.
  14. Saff, You have a lot of Dark coloured bags. Sandstone is not only a GORGEOUS neutral but it could be a great contrast to what you already have. You can then have a choice of dark & light colours for work.
  15. i wanted to say the same about truffle (being vintage-y) but i personally don't like the size of the purse (too big - a purse should look dainty, imo) so i can't help you there.

    i'd love a sandstone work for myself. you have to honest and ask if you can handle a big pale bag. i suppose it's not an issue since you said you'd like it in ggh.

    in summary, if you look better with cool colours, then it's either sandstone or charbon. darker browns are actually good with giant SILVER hw and this combo is under the cool family of colours. i imagine browns with gold hw go under the warm family?