Opinions....Platinum delphine

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  1. I just found this at an outlet and bought it even though I wasn't sure if I was feeling the love. It was $160. I LOVE how it looks cross body just not sure. I need honest opinions because one minute I'm totally in love and the next I'm so-so. :confused1:
    (pic borrowed from ebay)
  2. I love it!!! I vote you keep it. I actually passed this bag up at my outlet a couple of months ago and totally regret it now; have been looking for it ever since!
  3. I love the style of this bag. I am not a metallic gal, so I would get another color personally, but if you love the color then I say keep her!
  4. I'm not a big cross body fan so this bag doesn't appeal to me. But if you like it definitely keep it!
  5. I get the impression that you're just not feeling her so it may not be meant to be.