Opinions? (Pix)

  1. So, I asked Daphne to send me some pix of black cities (it was about time I added this staple to my collection!)

    She attached two photos. The first one to me seems a bit unevenly veiny...like the panels aren't well matched? The second is so smooth and even, but I'm afraid it's TOO smooth. What do you think?


  2. Wow.. there's such a difference between the two!

    Can you ask her if she has any that are "in between" the two? Maybe not a veiny/wrinkly as the first, but not quite as smooth as the second?

    If you don't want to do that then I think I'd choose the first one. I prefer some character on bbags, esp. black bbags :yes: and I think the first will be just lovely once the shine wears off & it's broken in :drool:
  3. I absolutely love the first one!!
  4. Agree! The first one looks glossy/waxy and smooshy.

    The second one looks very dry, IMHO. Like my skin does after I take a really hot bath and don't moisturize properly, LOL.
  5. Hmm...I emailed her asking for one more pic, "in between" the two above. :smile: I agree, I like the first much more...but it's just looks so unevenly matched.
  6. Now I absolutely vote for the second one. I love it. I think that mine is in between those two. I just got it a few weeks ago.
  7. Here's mine to give you an idea.

  8. I love the first one ....once you use it regularly ....I just know the leather will melt into something sublime!
  9. i like the second!
  10. One more option! I think this is the one!!!!!!!

  11. i kind of like the 2nd one compared to the other two, but that's just me. i like very smooth leather. i don't really dig the marbling effect... :0
  12. #2 for sure for me.
  13. I like the first one, I don't like the second (it's too smooth, dry and boring) the last maybe a little too wrinkly although I prefer very wrinkly to no wrinkles:p
  14. If you love wrinkles, go for #3. It's a personal decision. I love wrinkles.........on my Bbags that is. ;)
  15. the first one is awesumm ;o)