Opinions: Patent LouLou

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  1. Hello! I need some opinions. What do you ladies/gents think about the small LouLou in patent for casual wear? Example: day out shopping, errand running, occasional wear to work? I live in Manhattan, NYC and am obsessed with this color/style/size for the upcoming holiday season and winter months. Would love to hear your thoughts. Anyone have experience with patent bags? How do they wear? saint-laurent-patent-matelasse-small-loulou-monogram-chain-satchel-burgundy-00.jpg
  2. I like how it’s styled in this picture, it’s a nice pop of colour. Patent is great as it can withstand rain, snow, scratches etc better than regular leather.
  3. Oh you’re awesome! I was looking for photos like this for some fashion inspo. I love it even more now!
  4. No problem :smile: I think this bag will look super nice even with casual outfits like jeans. I’m thinking of getting a Saint Laurent YSL Vicky Bag in patent too. Share pictures of whichever bag you decide to get :smile:
  5. Will do! Can I ask where you got this photo? The way I see it
    Online, it’s worn crossbody and the long way on the side of the body. I really want to wear it with the chains doubled up on my shoulder but I seeIn this photo it looks like she’s pulling the chain and that’s why it looks short
  6. Hi I just found it on google. Where are you planning to buy yours from? I know there are two versions of this bag. One with only two holes which means you can wear it long on the side and crossbody. If you find the one with the four holes it means you can wear it crossbody, long on side and double strapped as a shoulder bag. I hope that makes sense.
  7. What a bummer! FASHIONPHILE has it for a great price but after what you’ve explained, it appears it can’t be worn the way I’d like to wear it. :sad:
  8. Yes it’s a great price. You can always tie the strap inside the bag to make it shorter shoulder strap. Or perhaps you’ll find the four whole one if you wait a little :smile:
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  9. 6A4092AD-5FCE-4194-B64E-831EAC8A7BD9.jpeg Is this a good deal? After the $600 gift card, it goes down to $1550... or can i find this cheaper elsewhere?
  10. For medium size it’s a good deal
  11. Yay! thanks!