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  1. have you ever bought a bag that you really really really like, eventhough its quite heavy?:sad: :sad: I tried the black MC speedy yesterday, shes sooo pretty (and oh man, its really sooo heavy:sad: ), my arms got some red marks (after like 20mins of carrying it around the store..).... and Ive been thinking about it, I really like it, but Im afraid i'll lose my arms after quite sometime..lolz... Is she worth it? :shrugs:
  2. I think it's worth it. :yes:
  3. No, I never bought a bag that was too heavy at 2k. Did you add your things in it?
  4. is it REALLY THAT heavy? i did not notice. maybe i like heavy bags!
  5. Mine doesn't seem that heavy to me. :shrugs:
  6. heck Ya!
  7. The Louis Vuitton multicolore coated canvas material is made to be lightweight and it is. I don't think the bag is heavy at all. Although what you store in the bag when carring it can make a difference.
  8. Carrying it around the store when it was empty?!

    I wouldn't buy it. I can't deal with heavy bags...my mono speedy 30 is heavy enough as it is!
  9. Ooh, definitely worth it. My white MC Speedy 30 is definitely among my top 2 fave bags.
  10. Forgot to add the white Le Fabuleux is the top fave, and it happens to be even heavier. ;)
  11. ummmm......I'm pretty fragile and mine hasn't crushed me yet......... but I do tend to like heavier bags, so i'm biased:biggrin:
  12. I loud my mc speedys up when I use it and it's yet to really bother me(after3 years) I think if you love it enough it's worth the extra effort!
  13. my MJ venetia is super heavy (at least for me), but i love it and wear it, i just switch arms often :smile:
  14. If you continue to carry it you should get used to it.:yes: It's such a gorgeous bag.
  15. :sad: it is quite heavy for me.. I know she is so beautiful, ugh.....:sad: