Opinions Opinions !!!!!

  1. Hi everybody, I have a question :confused1:, my bestfriend ( he is a guy ;)) wants a bag, only a big handheld bag in monogram, which can be used as an everyday bag.

    I was thinking :idea: the Keepall 45, or the Carryall...

    What do you think, thanks a lot :heart: for him !!! :p
  2. The Carryall is great...looks less like a duffle bag...and I think great for everyday use!
  3. i have the Carryall and i love it. it's very well structured and not floppy and slouchy like the Keepall, and it's not too big
  4. Could you give me other advices please ?
  5. I like the carryall.
  6. I would get him the Carryall.
  7. If it's not a urgent condition to buy a Mono, I think the Damier Geant YACK or the Belier is e super bag for a guy!
  8. how about a speedy 40? i think it'll look great.
  9. damier greenwich pm it looks like a saleya for guys ;) great size and so cool shape u can have it as a tote or closed and it looks very structured
  10. I tried on the UTAH carryall and I LOVED it ...such a great bag:heart:
  11. some guys look really great carrying damier speedys. it just depends if they have the style to carry it off.
  12. must it be monogram canvas?

    If so I'd also say the carryall.
  13. I think the carryall is your best bet. I also love the Sac Plat, but I don't think this is big enough for what your friend is looking for, but it looks hot!
  14. I think the Carryall, plus it looks more structured
  15. I got the carryall and the keepall, and for everyday use I would go for the carryall. Lot of space, inside pocket and do not sag.

    But maybe if he would go for something else than mono, the keepall45 in black EPI . That's what I'm going for next time - also for everyday use since it dosen't sag.